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Monday, February 25, 2008

Obama campaigns in Cincinnati

UPDATED 4 p.m.

Check out the PHOTO GALLERY here

Howard Wilkinson reports:

Cincinnati's only Democratic "super-delegate," Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, ended months of courting by both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, by endorsing the Illinois senator just before he came on stage for a rally at the Fifth Third Center.

"I have decided to give my endorsement to Barack Obama,'' Mallory said, calling Obama out on to the stage where nearly 13,000 supporters created a deafening roar.

Mallory and Obama hugged on stage as the crowd stamped, hollered, and cheered, with flashbulbs popping all over. Read Mallory's statement here

Obama, as he began his speech, said he had "some business to take care of."

"Each and every one of you can go down to the Hamilton County Board of Elections - that's 824 Broadway - and vote right now,'' Obama said.

The campaign had buses parked outside Fifth-Third Arena to take people to the board of elections to take advantage of Ohio's early voting system. (The Board is open until 8 p.m. each night this week.)

Obama had a message for Hillary Clinton that he delivered in front of about 13,000 wildly enthusiastic supporters who filled UC's Fifth-Third Arena to the rafters Monday afternoon - don't discount the power of hope.

"Some people think that things can't change; they want you to be cynical," ' the 46-year-old senator said to a crowd that was heavy on college students, but included thousands of Cincinnati supporters of all ages.

"Sen. Clinton and others say, 'that Obama, he's so naive," Obama saidspeaking on a stage on the northeast corner of the basketball arena. "But hope is not blind optimism. Hope is looking at things clear-eyed and saying that, despite the hardship, I am going to try to get things done."

Obama sounded like anything but a candidate who is still trailing in the poll, one week before Ohio's Democratic presidential primary.

He did not light into Clinton or call her out for her campaign criticisms of him, as she did Saturday in Cincinnati, when she angrily denounced Obama mail pieces she said were distorting her positions.

Obama is in the middle of a three-day bus tour of Ohio that will end with Tuesday night's MSNBC debate in Cleveland.

Obama, who leads in the delegate count, sounded at times like a candidate who is close to nailing down the nomination, telling the crowd he plans to run a vigorous campaign against Republican nominee John MCCain.

"Some say the Republicans are going to be tough on Obama,'' the Illinois Democrat said. "Well, I'm going to be just as tough on them."

McCain, Obama said, is somebody "I admire - I revere - for his service to the country," but said he represents "continuing tax cuts for the rich and a war that could last for 100 years."

UPDATED, 1:30 p.m.

Howard Wilkinson reports:

Barack Obama started off his campaign swing through Cincinnati Monday with a roundtable discussion of retirement issues, in which he vowed he would fight to preserve Social Security, protect pensions and give workers more opportunities to save for retirement.

Social Security and private pensions "are a promise that we must keep for American families,'' said Obama, who started the roundtable discussion with five Cincinnati women shortly before 1 p.m. "Washington is not keeping that promise."

In remarks before he began talking to the five women - all of them selected by the Obama campaign for the roundtable discussion - he said he would act to save a Social Security system that is facing strains from aging Baby Boom population.

"We don't need to cut benefits or raise taxes to save Social Security,"' Obama said.

Rather, the Illinois senator said, he would adjust the cap on Social Security "so people like me, who are making more than $97,000 a year, are paying more."

Present rules say that Americans pay Social Security taxes on the first $97,000 they earn each year.

He heard from Lenora Anderson, a Cincinnati woman who said she had to leave her job as a Cincinnti Public School teacher to take care of her aged, ailing mother; and from Martha Tepe, a single mother who has put her children through college, but she is now concerned about whether or not her pension from her employer, Delta Airlines, will still be there when she needs it.

Obama told her that bankruptcy laws must be changed to protect pensions.
"We have to change out bankruptcy laws and make it not so easy for companies to dump their pension plans while corporate executives are getting golden parachutes,'' Obama said.


At noon today, in the private dining room at the Museum Center at Union Terminal, five area women were waiting for the arrival of Barack Obama to talk to him about "retirement security."

The roundtable discussion was a late addition to Obama's three-day tour of Ohio, which will bring him to a rally this afternoon that is expected to fill the Fifth Third Arena on the University of Cincinnati campus. Hundreds of people are already waiting in line there.

The roundtable discussion was slated to begin about 12:30 p.m.

The five women who were invited by the Obama campaign to participate in the roundtable were Eleanor Chesser, Colleen Munninghoff, Karen Roettele, Lenora Anderson, and Martha Tepe.

Cincinnati Vice Mayor David Crowley, an Obama supporter, said two of women - Munninghoff and Roettele - are his nieces.

Munninghoff, who lives in Anderson Township, if the wife of a roofer; she had to quit her job to take care of a disabled child, Crowley said.

Roettele, Crowley said, lives near Loveland and was recently widowed.

While Obama is rallying his supporters at UC's Fifth-Third Center, the Rev. Marcia Dyson - an African-American pastor from Washington, D.C. who has campaigned across the country for HIllary Clinton - will be meeting with students at UC's Tangeman Center.


at 12:19 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even Barrack goes to Union Terminal and not the Freedom Center.
This would have been the perfect occasion to use the Riverfront Boondoggle Building.

at 12:42 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be careful where you park at UC.
Those clowns love to give out
25.00 parking citations if you park
in the wrong place. And I am not
a Barack supporter, just don't like seeing people get ripped-off.

at 1:05 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Obama that's coming, and not Jesus, right?


at 1:16 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama probably wanted to hold the roundtable at the Freeloader Center but they tried to charge him too much.

at 1:17 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger Cheryl said...

So McCain isn't coming to Cincinnati anymore? Nice, balanced coverage.

at 1:40 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to see Obama using the 5/3rd center. There are way too many supporters to fit into Cincinnati State's arena.

at 1:41 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger chase said...

ya obama. whoooo!

at 1:44 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

All Ohio Republicans...vote for Obama in the primary! McCain has locked up the nomination; the worst thing I can think of is even the slightest chance of Hillary becoming president. She MUST win Ohio...Obama has my vote!

at 1:50 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger Walter B said...

1:17 - McCain is in Cincinnati tomorrow. Obama today. Get a life Cheryl.

at 2:05 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 2:08 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama is just going to walk across the Ohio River.

at 2:12 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama probably couldn't find the front door of the Freedom Center since the main entrance faces away from downtown.

at 2:35 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will he ever say anything that he is going to do? Only thing he has said is that he will take the troops out of Iraq.

at 2:39 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear he's gonna part the waters of the Ohio River!

at 2:40 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cutoff for SS deductions is now $102,000 for 2008

at 2:48 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...


at 2:50 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama just called us the BOBCATS.

What a tool.

at 2:53 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, look at all the Republican bitches jerking off here.

at 2:59 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

SS will become a needs based program. Sooo if you have a private pension..don't expect anything from SS. However keep paying the tax because the country is bankrupt and there is no SS trust fund either. Wake-up to the realities folks!

at 3:13 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ney-sayers will sit in front of their computers and complain. I just got back from UC and what I saw was THOUSANDS of people ready to take this country back. These massive numbers speak for themselves.

at 3:16 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone hasn't actually gone to see Obama speak in person before, I recommend it...it is really a rewarding experience. You will leave with a new outlook.

You can probably tell that I am an Obama supporter and I hope that everyone has been up on all the debates because the stunt that Hillary pulled this past weekend was one big act if you have been watching the debates.

If you want to see what a fake she is, go back to the Houston debate and watch it on CNN. Obama was very clear in his explanation that day on the difference between their health care plans and he explained that her plan would require garnishment of wages since she would mandate coverage. SHe just smiled and DID NOT dispute it. Now that she is in Ohio, she is putting on her, "I'm so outraged" act.

In regards to NAFTA, don't be fooled folks. No she and Bill weren't in the Senate at the time Nafta passed. Her husband was PResident and he championed it. She was very proud of it and wrote about it in her book. SHe even thank big corporations for helping push NAFTA through on behalf of her husband. (See the write up in the Huffington pOst.) Additionally, lets not forget folks that she sat on the board of Walmart, one of the biggest union busters in the country and around the world also one of the biggest beneficiaries of NAFTA and also from her hometown of Arkansas. Please, Ohio, lets think about our votes!

at 3:21 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope McCain talks about how he plans on funding the 100 year Iraq war that he's proposing. Surely, he'll have to raise taxes.

at 3:23 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reagen reached 1 trillion budget..took 200 years.

Bush 2002 - 2 trillion
Bush 2008 - >3 trillion

The guy has ruined the country! Blame everyone who was ignorant enough to vote for him!

Kiss your standard of living good-bye as well.

at 3:23 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geeez...Why has the Enquirer even bothered to report Mallory's endorsement of Obama? We all knew he would...they're both black...hellooo?
Next Louis Farrakhan will throw in his endorsement.

at 3:28 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bobcats, did he stand for the national anthem. I bet not, what a jerk.

at 3:33 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, don't send thouands of people down to the BoE, lol, it'll be choas. They probably don't have the resources to handle that kind of traffic.

at 3:35 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger Techchick said...

So, is anyone surprised at Mark Mallory endorsing Barack Obama? We all saw that coming, but really...who cares? Also, that they are taking buses of people from the Obama revival meeting straight to the Board of Elections before reality sets in that there was no substance, just lots of froth.

at 3:40 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know why the Republicans are wanting all the McCain supporters to vote for Barack Obama, right? It is because they believe McCain can beat him. They'd be smarter encouraging them to vote for Hillary.

at 4:01 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. "Will Obama ever say anything?" Well, he has said plenty in the debates, all 19 to this point. Or, you could use your computer to do some research instead of sitting and bitching on a blog. The information is out there if you want it. Educate yourself. Nice life.

at 4:08 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 4:15 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mayor Mallory, for endorsing the candidate who can turn our country around and who represents the future! 13,000 of your consituents agree!

at 4:21 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger BShooner said...

Just got back from seeing Obama. It is great to see a candidate embrace a message of hope and unity as opposed to the standard polarizing political rhetoric. As Hillary pulls out all the punches of negativity-Obama takes the high road. I've never seen a candidate generate this kind of momentum either-13,000 people in the middle of a weekday? For just a primary? He clearly has a better chance of beating McCain.

at 4:22 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to know what Obama will do, it's all here:


Don't vote for him if you don't like what he stands for, but please don't vote out of ignorance either.

at 4:37 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger RBYB 7th and 8th Grade said...

Some of the comments here are disgusting... It reminds me why our city is so often looked at in such a negative light. All of you that have posted comments referencing the Freedom Center or race being a deciding factor in this election need to take a look at yourself. This is probably why our country is in such a negative state right now and until attitudes like this change it won't matter who the President is if the people are holding on to such harsh negative feelings towards others in their own city.

at 4:43 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all the Obama-haters...why do you think his visit to Cincinnati was held in an ARENA and Hilary's visit took place at Skyline Chili? Is it because Skyline wouldn't be able to acommodate the thousands of people that would turn out for Obama? Call it what you will, but neither Billary or LiverSpots McCain can beat Obama. Some of you will be eating your words come November.


at 4:46 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

If even Borat Obama won't visit the Freeloader Center, then it's time to tear that rat trap down!!

at 4:47 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger Christopher London, New York City said...

I am a New Yorker, born and raised in New York City. While living in Boston, I went door to door in New Hampshire in 1992 for Bill Clinton, worked for the Clinton/Gore Ticket and voted for Clinton twice. Since that time, I have come to stop drinking the Clinton Kool-Aid. History does not lie. The Clintons are NOT MIDDLE CLASS WARRIORS. Hillary is A NEO-CON CORPORATIST RUNNING AS A POPULIST. It is what they do and what they do well. The Elites love the Clintons because they give the middle and lower middle classes the ILLUSION that one of their own is in the Whitehouse. During Hillary's time as a NY Senator, I have seen how she has spent most of her time raising money from the financial elites in the Hamptons, Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue and other exclusive enclaves. I implore those of you who voted for Bill Clinton to do as I have and support Senator Barack Obama.

Clinton Scandals: http://prorev.com/wwindex.htm

Clinton Myth: http://prorev.com/clintonmyth.htm

Clinton Legacy: http://prorev.com/legacy.htm

Clinton Legacy: http://clinton-legacy.org/

Clinton Pardons: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Clinton_pardons_controversy

NAFTA (Hillary's Support) http://www.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS/1997/05/07/clinton.mexico/


http://factcheck.barackobama.com/factcheck/2008/02/23/hillary_clintons_support_of_na.php http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-sirota/clinton-gets-caught-again_b_88200.html

at 4:50 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you noticed?

The attacks on Senator Obama are aimed at trivia -- his name, whether he wears a flag lapel pin (as if THAT was somehow a litmus test for patriotism, or if any test mattered), his use of lines that were *given* to him for his use, and so on.

We have not yet seen attacks on (for example) his actual positions, or his intelligence (which is formidable; you don't get to teach constitutional law without serious smarts) or -- speaking of that -- his willingness to uphold and defend the Constitution. There's a reason for that: he's got the goods. Whether you like him or hate him, any rational analysis strongly suggests he's got something completely missing from the current administration (and from McCain, who wants nothing less than a third Bush term): competence.

All you have to do is watch how the campaign is run. This is the 10th Presidential campaign I've watched -- I'm a political junkie -- and the organization he's got in place is unrivaled among any of them. You don't get thousands of people to mid-weekday campaign stops unless you're clueful, fast, and organized as hell.

Yes, I've read the sniping from the sidelines about how this is some kind of "religious" experience. Nope. It's good old-fashioned politics, executed beautifully -- something we haven't see in a LONG time, something no doubt generating considerable jealously among the other campaigns. Brace yourselves for election day: here (in Maryland) we had voters lined up outside polling places an hour before they opened -- with a winter storm bearing down on them.

at 4:52 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop saying Obama doesn't have a plan. Read! Quit listening to the Clinton spin. The double minded Clinton who says one thing in the debate on Thursday night and something totally different on the campaign trail. For the most part,it is the less educated who support Clinton. Educate yourself, the facts are out there, go get them!

at 5:01 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous David said...

Could anybody else NOT HEAR A THING at the 5/3 arena? The speakers were facing away from half of the crowd, towards the press!!! All that I heard (and thousands of others) was some jumbly bumbly echo-y crap.

at 5:03 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous cynic said...

5 women are chosen to speak with Obama and 2 of them are Crowley's nieces? How convenient. Assuming they're Catholic like Crowley, did they have to swear to worship St. Obama instead, or genuflect in the Great Black Hope's presence?

at 5:14 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naive 7th. and 8th. grade

Life is a bowl of cherries at your age; wait till you grow up and have to pay for all the government waste.
When my nephew got his first paycheck, he remarked that they took out money for everthing! Welcome to the real world!
When I drive to work I see lots of folks sitting around waiting for give aways; I'm tired of it!

at 5:15 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comments some of you have made concerning the Obama campaign are really sad. All of you are adults, which makes it even worse. If any of you believe in God, I would be very concerned about where I will end up in the hereafter. There is no place in heaven for hate. What does Obama speaking in Cincinnati have to do with the Freedom Center? How stupid that comment is.

at 5:18 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger Chanda45227 said...

You can really tell who has actually took the time to pay attention to both candidates and who has not. If any of you anonymous cowards were at the rally, you would have heard Obama give plenty of detail on healthcare, Iraq, foreign diplomacy, education, the environment... You really should find out what both candidates are about before you vote. I truly believe this man has the vision to lead this country away from the destruction of George W. Hillary has been bogged down in DC too long. She does not have a handle on what the people of this country really want. She wants to take credit for all the good things in her husbands administration, but when it comes down to it, she needs to explain the bad decisions tht she upheld. I mean since she is the one counting Bill's 8 years as POTUS in her experience. To those of you who say that Mallory gave him, his endorsement because he is black, go ahead and come out of the closet with your hood and burning cross. Its THAT kind of ignorance that this country needs to get away from.

at 5:31 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey 5:15
Do you read the news? The Freedom Center is flat broke with highly paid staff.
Wouldn't you think that highly paid staff would lobby for the Barrack visit for the positive publicity.
That event was a photo op waiting to happen and they let it go by.
And the Freedom Center thinks it's the back entrance; how lame.
My hard earned tax dollars going down the drain.

at 5:38 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chanda

First it's your horrible spelling and now it's your grammar.
I have TAKEN the time to listen to the candidates and I want someone who will protect our country.
I'm undecided, but the choices don't appear too promising.

at 5:46 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger Wayne said...

Hillary either has multiple personality disorder or is the most desperate political candidate of our time! Do we really want someone who loses her temper, belittles Obama (and his supporters), dishes out false claims, plays dirty politics and all of this a few days after heaping such praise on him????? What you see from her now is what you will get in her as a president. Off her rocker. ... I just switched to Obama. And in fact, I'm headed to his website now to donate $100. I've really lost all respect -- for both Clintons. Sad

at 5:52 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Billary is morally and ethically bankrupt. Ask Peter Paul and Stan Lee.

Obama 08
Be the Change

at 5:56 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Steve from Blue Ash said...

Enough of the racist comments. While I do not like the way the Freedom Center was forced onto the city of Cincinnati tax payers, I don't agree with the racist comments that some of you have made. Just showing your ignorance and you don't even have the guts to write in a fake name much less your real one. Obama is a good man with a positive message and ideas. Hillary is poser and everyone knows it. McCain is not that bad other than I don't believe a lot of what he says b/c there's no way to continue the war in Iraq with raising taxes and worsening the economy.

at 5:58 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger Chanda45227 said...

To anonymous 5:38

Oh I am so hurt...you caught me typing fast and not using spell/grammar check... GROW UP...WHAT ARE YOU 4!! This conversation is for adults only. Go to the playroom with that nonsense!

at 5:59 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger Tony said...

For those who say he's all talk and no substance, read his book "Audacity of Hope". It has a lot of ideas and proposals.

You may disagree with some, or many, of them, but it certainly proves the man is not just empty rhetoric.

at 6:04 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous kelly said...

Chanda - he gave no detail at all about his plans. They were all generic lines, like, planning to raise minimum wage, end the war, give our kids better education. He doesn't go much into detail about HOW he was going to implement this. empty promises?

at 6:09 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mayor Mallary endorsed Obama today?

Louis Farrakhan Endorsed Obama too!
“In his first major public address since a cancer crisis, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan said Sunday that presidential candidate Barack Obama is the “hope of the entire world” that the U.S. will change for the better.


I highly doubt CNN and MSNBC will cover this news, but the Associated Press did.

at 6:11 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now it's the punctuation; questions are followed by ???, not !!!.
Did you attend CPS?

at 6:14 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...Farrakhan Sings Obama's Praises..."


From one muslin to another !



at 6:14 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve from Blue Ash who is probably Ralph from Price Hill.
It's a blog site and you want to censor what you think are inappropriate comments? You need to leave this site because you can't stand the truth!

at 6:31 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI "folks".
Jan. 4, 2008 Slate
Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. D-IL

But on the night of Obama's victory (in Iowa), Jesse Jr. had this to say to the Washington Post about the inadvisability of Obama going negative against Hillary Clinton: "The natural reminder here is O.J. [Simpson]—how does an African-American candidate attack a white woman?"

If you want to know what Obama is willing to let you know about him go to his website. But if you really want to know what Obama stands for or go to www.tucc.org/about/htm/

Such good examples of American patriotic brotherhood, or not?

at 6:32 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:11

I CPS graduate, and your comments prove that Chanda gave you more credit than you desevered. You must be 2...not 4. I hope you are not a Clinton supporter, you make us all look ignorant. GO CPS AND GO CLINTON!!!

at 6:38 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger Chanda45227 said...

Anononymous 6:11

ARE YOU SERIOUS WITH THIS?????!!!! I guess now I should say I am rubber you are glue...

Please go somewhere and take your medication. You must be a NADER supporter.

at 6:42 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory!!!! Vote Now, that's what I'm talkin about.

at 6:42 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Want to hear Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam endorse Obama? Go to:

Next is Al Gore.

at 6:43 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger Anom said...

All Ohio Republicans, vote for Hillary on March 4th. We all know McCain has the republican nomination, but most importantly, the Democrates will be forced to vote for McCain if Hillary wins. Afterall, nobody wants Hillary.

at 6:45 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ralph Nader is far superior to Obama. He may be a bit eccentric but you couldn't count his ACCOMPLISHMENTS on behalf of American consumers.

at 6:45 PM, February 25, 2008 Blogger Anom said...

All Ohio Republicans, vote for Hillary on March 4th. We all know McCain has the republican nomination, but most importantly, the Democrates will be forced to vote for McCain if Hillary wins. Afterall, nobody wants Hillary.

at 6:51 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chanda---- You can't read, nor comprehend. I told you I was undecided.
Anon 6:32 What's with "I CPS grad?"

at 7:09 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Freeloader Center couldn't even score this important roundtable. The event was tailor-made for them and they either missed the chance or they were trying to get bribes. Isn't it time we kicked out those thieves and got a new tennant for the building? Perhaps we could use the space for a new county prison.

at 7:26 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:51

Oops forgot the I AM A..

Did Chanda45227 stand you up at prom or something?

You seem to be getting a little personal. Oh by the way...s%$# or get off the pot. If you don't know who you are voting for by now....

As an American I take offense to any body saying Ralph Nader is a superior candidate than anyone in a presidential election. He may have been a watch dog as a consumer advocate, but as a presidential candidate he is a joke!! Its time out for allowing him to play at this game. HILLARY OR BUST.

at 8:02 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too small for a prison, but you can cram a lot of slots in there.
Boot those bandits out and reclaim our hard earned tax dollars working people forked out for this boondoggle.

at 9:06 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're ignorant; who mentioned Ralph Nader?
Don't I have time to hear more candidate views before I decide?
Maybe you are wrong deciding so soon?
Hillary doesn't seem too cool under fire; do you want her talking to Iran?
Maybe Bill could give her advice, but I think he will be chasing skirts.
This choice could ultimately define the future of America.
I love this country and spent time defending its citizens. Have you made that sacrifice or are you bumping your gums?

at 9:41 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHO WANTS CHANGE: only the loosers who can't make it on their own (and need a government nanny) in the greatest nation in the world. This comment does not apply to the disabled who do need help.

at 9:58 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the candidates are making promises they/we can't keep. We're already running a very large deficit - promising to throw money at "whatever" problem (college cost, minium wage, dumb mortgages, Iraq) is dishonest politics as usual.

It's our money, not theirs.

at 10:00 PM, February 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ignorance in this blog, and in this city as a whole, is ridiculous. Blatantly racist comments? Really? It is no wonder people outside of this city perceive this city the way they do. Yeah, I know there is ignorance and racism in every city, but this place thrives on it. You're proud of it. Some of you need to get up and get outside of the city limits. There's a whole world out there and there are ::gasp:: people that look different than you!! And I would be willing to bet a lot of those people are far more intelligent than the ignorant fools who posted such ridiculous comments.

at 1:50 AM, February 26, 2008 Anonymous Cincinnati state student said...

For everyone that is bashing either remember one thing. In just a few short months there will be either Barack Obama or Hiliary Clinton as the Democratic nod. The fact is I may not like Hiliary all that much for the Democratic Nod, but if she wins the nod I will surely vote for her over mcain for it is just another 4 years of bush.

So we should not be tearing on down we should be trying bring change to office whether it is clinton or obama

at 1:52 AM, February 26, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is the joke. Barack Obama is smiling all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

at 8:42 AM, February 26, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you really want the Freeloader Center converted into a casino?

Traffic is bad enough downtown at rush hour, imagine 300 bluehairs trying to lose their Social Security checks driving on 3rd street every afternoon.

at 8:49 AM, February 26, 2008 Blogger Hope Lives!! said...

To Techchick:

It was actually a brilliant strategy to take the people to vote. I bet Hillary wishes she had the funding or campaign savy to do the same. Hillary's campaign has spent $31 Million of her total $105 Million budget on outside campaign consultants so far. $15 Million of that in January alone. For what? Is she going to outsource her presidency as well? Her campaign is $7.6 million dollars in debt, and she owes Mark Penn $2 Million. I am not sure exactly why he is getting paid so much, I could have given her bad campaign advice for a fraction of the cost.

I bet she now wishes her campaign had not spent so much money on DONUTS. If this is an example of her leadershIp skills and fiscal responsibility, I say no thank you. Yes the rally was a revival...a revival of true American Spirit!!!! Obama '08

at 5:42 PM, February 26, 2008 Anonymous wgh said...

Hillary's brilliant management of her campaign gives you a little insight into how she'd be at running the country.

at 6:52 PM, February 27, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since CNN won't post this comment, I will put it here. I am trying to figure out why Brack Obama had to reject or denounce an endorsement by Farakhan. He never sought this mans endorsement, and has not been working with the nation of Islam. If the KKK decides to say they will vote for Hillary, is she going to be asked about their endorsement. Even idiots like Farakahn are American citizens, and they can vote for whoever they want. Do you know how many racist, anti-semetic jerks are voting for Hillary or McCain just because Obama is black. I suspect quite a few of them post on this blog from some of the comments I read. If Farakahn had come out in support of Hillary, that question would have never been asked. it would hav been wow...even Farakahn supports Hillary. I am a proud, white, undecided, independedent, and even I can see that question was slanted. I reject and denounce the circus this political race has turned into!

at 7:55 AM, February 28, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I attended the Obama event. Like thousands of others, I got a bit caught up in some of this guy's hype. I figured I'd check out the great orator. I wanted to see the rock star in person and hear his passionate speaking prowess. Sorry guys, I was underwhelmed. What he delivered was hardly worth the two-hour wait in the cold. If I wanted a political speach out of a can, I could have turned to a history book. He recycled more "change" platitudes than Reagan in 1980. And you people stood and clapped like good little robots. I expected to get blown away. Instead, he came out flat and tired.

at 3:32 PM, February 28, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama!

Are the mainstream media thoughtpolice going to take me away to the re-education camp now?

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