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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Details on Obama Monday rally

Howard Wilkinson reports:

Barack Obama's three-day tour of Ohio will make a stop in Cincinnati Monday for a mid-day rally at Fifth-Third Arena on the University of Cincinnati campus.

Gates at the arena will open at noon Monday, approximately an hour before Obama is expected to arrive. According to the Obama campaign, UC will offer a shuttle service to the arena, but details of that have yet to be announced.

The event is open to the public, but the Obama campaign is advising people to register for the event at www.barackobama.com. A limited number of "preferred viewing" tickets for the event were to be distributed by the Obama campaign from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday at 807 Sycamore Street downtown.


at 2:05 PM, February 23, 2008 Anonymous obama from Nazereth said...

I'll cure your goyters!!!!

at 3:07 PM, February 23, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be selling bottled water,ammonia capsules,and smelling salts in the lobby for those of you who'll wither and faint in the midst of "His" presence.

at 3:18 PM, February 23, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't part the waters, cure your ills, or make you rich but I can give you a fair chance to make a decent living, get an education, and live in dignity.

Is that too much for us to ask of an elected representative of the American people?

at 4:26 PM, February 23, 2008 Blogger usefullidiot said...

"I can give you a fair chance to make a decent living, get an education, and live in dignity."

Funny...I thought I have that...

at 5:25 PM, February 23, 2008 Blogger Chanda45227 said...


at 6:36 PM, February 23, 2008 Anonymous Debbie said...

If you have a few minutes, would you participate in an online 2008 Ohio Presidential Survey?


at 8:23 PM, February 23, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want Barry or Hill to tell us how and when they plan to invgestigate the Repugnicant party as a a corrupt organization and if they believe a RICO prosecution is justified given the illegal war and the ever-growing number of its officials coast to coast who have been convicted of various fraud and corruption crimes and sex offenses against children.

at 8:52 PM, February 23, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chanda needs to learn how to spell "must".

at 9:05 PM, February 23, 2008 Anonymous Ex GOP said...

The Repugs are so unpopular and so washed out now, they will easily lose another 20-30 seats in the House and 6-8 in the Senate. That's a pretty big hold to climb out of. Also, the Repugnicants have spent over a trillion on the illegal war, so the big-spending argument is out the window.

Plus, we'll still be digging ourselves out of the housing mess from when the Repugs decided to stop regulating mortgage brokers and let the banks rip off millions of Americans.

Then we won't forget how the Repugs effectively shut down any inspection of goods from overseas, allowing the Chinese to posion American kids and pets.

Then we have the Repug members of Congress who made themselves rich and/or used children for their sexual gratification.

Also, when the new administration starts enforcing antitrust and laws against price-fixing, oil and gas prices will magically drop down to where they were the last time the Democrats ran things.

Your tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent expire in 2010, so, yeah, I do think that 99% of us will be better off.

The Repugnicant Party is about finished ruining America. If I were you or any other person who has been associated with a Repugnicant politican in any way, shape, manner, or form, I'd get myself a good lawyer now.

I don't think you or any of the other right-wing, Jesus-freak, relative-shagging defenders of the Gang Of Pedophiles realize just how angry the American people are with you and your ilk.

at 11:17 PM, February 23, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

so THIS is why my tuition is so high?


at 11:19 PM, February 23, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT (of Cuba). Fidel is now gone and a new socialist must take over.

at 1:47 AM, February 24, 2008 Anonymous Patriot said...

Count me there. I'll ask Michelle Obama to wear a 'Proud to be an American' shirt, and then listen to her explain why she only likes our country when her husband is running for president.

at 10:26 AM, February 24, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even if elected, in six months the man will grow "feet of clay" and transform for Messiah to Mammon when the utopia he keeps crowing about doesn't materialize. I'm a whole lot more worried that the youth of this nation is so blinded by a good commercial and a different face that they are prepared to hand control of our military to a Muslim,(referenced from interviews with Obama's family and published by the Maui Times)who is on record as having no qualms about using nuclear force against Pakistan. I would ask the youth of America, just what is it that you would change? You live in the most entitled country on the planet. Would you change that? You live under the protection of the world's most powerful military. Would you change that? If change meant living by firelight and growing your own food, digging you own well and hauling your own water, would you still want it? I say: Be careful what you ask for, the change you keep demanding and the change you recieve may not bear any resemblance to one another. Believe me when I say that it only takes one revolutionary to destroy all that you have come to take for granted. As i've said elsewhere, living in caves is change that I can all too easily imagine.

at 10:42 AM, February 24, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I learn more I don't believe Obama is better than most politicians and I've reconsidered my vote:

1) Obama’s Flier on NAFTA found to be misleading and untrue:
Source: Huffington Post
Did Hillary Clinton Really Support NAFTA? Aides, Biographers Say No
February 14, 2008 01:13 PM

Read More: 2008 Campaign And NAFTA, Clinton Opposition, Clinton Opposition To NAFTA,

As the 2008 campaign shifts to economically hard-hit states like Ohio, so too do the topics of political debate. This week, Sen. Barack Obama's campaign has attacked Sen. Hillary Clinton on trade, arguing that she was once a supporter of the North American Free Trade Agreement that contributed to the loss hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

"A little more than a year ago," an Obama mailer reads, "Hillary Clinton thought NAFTA was a 'boon' to the economy." The piece goes on to argue that the New York Senator is "changing her tune" now that she's campaigning in the Buckeye State.

The attack is, most observers say, misleading. The "boon" line, a paraphrase lifted from a September 2006 Newsday article, has yet to be confirmed as an authentic quote. But, more importantly, the mailer misrepresents what former Clinton administration officials and biographers say was Hillary Clinton's long-held opposition to the legislation.

Entire article found here:

2) Chicago Sun Times exposes his connect to Rezko the slum lord.

3) NBC and New York time exposes Obama’s campaign funding ties to Nuclear Power inspite of the families it effected.

4. Alleged Mob Ties In Spotlight Of Treasurer's Race Republican Christine Radogno Demanding Answers From Rival

5. His current smear tactics prove he's just another politician willing to say anything to win Texas.

at 10:48 AM, February 24, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

B. Hussein Obama --- our saviour!!!

at 10:51 AM, February 24, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Idea Barrack Hussein Obama to Cuba--- Viva Che!!

Hillary to Canada?? She would like their HEALTH CARE!!!!

Maybe Castro's brother could come up here???
Don't know if anyone would notice any difference!!!

at 3:25 PM, February 24, 2008 Blogger usefullidiot said...

Hey Chanda45227.....

Little testy today, huh? mayby a "preferd veiwing" of the messiah and a little lexapro might help!!

at 11:00 PM, February 24, 2008 Blogger John said...

It's refreshingly nice to see a positive change coming to America. Voters are rejecting the divisive Limbaughs, Hannitys and Clintons and voting for John McCain and Barack Obama.

However don't count the Clintons out. It's not in their nature to accept defeat without risking a Democratic Party schism reminiscent of the 1968 convention. The latest Clinton tactics to bring down the Obama campaign are straight out of the writings of Hillary's mentor and subject of her 1969 college thesis, Saul Alinsky. Mr. Alinsky's rules of political agitation include the following:

1) "Wherever possible go outside of the experience of the enemy." Evidence: The Clinton campaign can't win on the high ground so they've gone negative to take the battle to the gutter.

2) "The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength." Evidence: The Clinton campaign has planted audience questions and seized the Obama campaign's "change" mantra as if it were their own and are marketing Hillary as the "change agent" and is now denying its own rhetoric while questioning the originality of Obama's rhetoric.

As a Republican-leaning independent, I will vote for Barack Obama if he is the Democratic nominee running against John McCain but I will not vote for Hillary Clinton.

at 11:34 PM, February 24, 2008 Blogger martin said...

The truth is that Hillary did supported NAFTA. She said it was a bad idea after the fact. Borack Obama was telling the American people nothing but the plain truth. In regards to her health plan she was the one who said that her health plan will be a mandate..when pressed on how she will do that she said by going after wages, garnsh wages. Barack Obama is being straight with the American people. I just dont understand why Hillary continues her lies one after another. She has proven something very disturbing that we Americans have seen in the last couple of weeks. She has been over dramatic and very defensive. Im sorry that is not presidential. I hope we all democrats united and support Borack Obama. In Ohio Nafta was responsible for closing over 50,000 JOBS. HOW can we as decent Americans over look this and vote for Hillary…No way…I have lots of family in OHIO and the last thing I want is for them to loose thier jobs..Shame on you Hillary. She said the samthing about the Iraq war..she voted for it and now she said maybe it was a bas idea, yet she refuses to come clean. Hillary and bill are nothing but scandalous people.

at 11:35 PM, February 24, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hillary is a scary megalomaniac. No wonder John Glenn supports her.

Obama 08
Be the Change

at 3:33 PM, February 28, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama!

Are the mainstream media thoughtpolice going to take me away to the re-education camp now?

at 3:34 PM, February 28, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Bill Cunningham!

Barack Hussein Obama is an empty suit full of empty promises.

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