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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CPS levy strategizing

Supporters of Cincinnati Public Schools' second attempt to pass a tax hike say they don't need too many more "yes" votes this time around, even though they lost by a wide margin in November. They just need a lot fewer "no" votes.

In a strategy meeting last week, campaign coordinator Jan Leslie estimated that the schools need about 30,000 votes to pass the 7.89-mill emergency tax levy on March 4.

That would be just 935 votes more than they got in November, when they registered 42.2 percent. The difference, of course, is that they're banking on much lower turnout in March.

If their count is accurate -- that 30,000 votes would equal a majority of votes cast, then "no" votes would decrease by nearly 10,000 from the November count of 39,675 anti-school tax voters.

But Leslie admits her calculations are complicated by the uncertainty of the presidential primary season. CPS's chances to get those 30,000 votes depends a lot on which party, if any or both, still has a competitive presidential race.

"Certainly historically, we've had a lot of support from Democrats, so one would assume if it's a hotly contested Democratic race, there would be more Democrats coming to the polls," Leslie said.

Anti-tax mainstay State Rep. Tom Brinkman, R-Mount Lookout, now in his own race for Congress, said November's defeat was broad and deep -- the entire electorate is untrusting of CPS, no one group of voters or political party, he said.

"I think they're overstrategizing," he said, again predicting a CPS defeat.


at 2:25 PM, January 23, 2008 Anonymous CPS is a LOSER District said...

Please ... if you go to the March voting, mark NO next to CPS levy. They do not deserve a penny more, but my pocket book certainly deserves this penny well-earned at my job!

at 10:13 PM, January 23, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

What part of the word NO doesn't the CPS understand?

at 10:14 PM, January 23, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously - Jan Leslie has no clue what she is doing. Guess we know what the results of that will be.

at 3:46 PM, January 24, 2008 Anonymous COAST is TOAST said...

I predict Brinkman will also lose.

at 10:58 PM, January 24, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cincinnati Public Schools:

(1) Poor School Board
(2) Poor Administration (and many poor Principles)

(3) Mostly good teachers

The problem is not lack of money, The problem is the lack of those who knows how to handle the money.


at 10:05 AM, January 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with a couple of the other comments made. I recently recieved my property tax bill and noticed that $531.00 dollars of the $866.00 bill goes to CPS. This money is to build new multi million dollar school facilities that will be vandalised and other wise not taken care of. This so renters can vote to increase my property taxes. It in not faair for prperty owners.

at 9:36 PM, February 20, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are all so concerned about voting "no" to this levy that maybe you should concentrate on your grammer/spelling. "Principles?" Did your private schools teach you how to write like that?

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