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Monday, June 26, 2006

Blackwell seeks more legal costs in SS lawsuit

The Ohio Controlling Board gave Secretary of State Ken Blackwell the OK today to spend another $38,000 on legal fees related to a federal class-action lawsuit filed in March against his office for posting business records on the Internet that contained Social Security numbers.

On May 22, the Controlling Board approved an initial $40,000 in legal fees for Chester, Willcox & Saxbe.

Blackwell settled the lawsuit, agreeing to remove Social Security numbers from business records, but Cincinnati attorney Christian Jenkins, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of a truck driver from Brown County, has said there was an ongoing disagreement over legal fees.

State Sen. Ray Miller, a Columbus Democrat, voted against today's request, which was approved by a majority vote of state legislators on the controlling board.

“We shouldn’t be throwing money at Secretary Blackwell for a legal defense that is indefensible,” Miller said. “Secretary Blackwell created this problem when he failed to use common sense and failed to heed the concerns brought forth by taxpayers and state leaders about exposing the raw personal data. He didn’t and hasn’t rectified the situation, yet he still continues to collect tens of thousands of dollars from taxpayers for the problem.”

James Lee, a spokesman for Blackwell's office, said Social Security numbers have been removed from all new filings and any individual who asked that their numbers be removed.

Lee said that within 10 days, new computer software would be applied to all existing records to remove the tens of thousands of numbers still accessible from the Internet.

In other action today, the Controlling Board approved a request from Miami University to spend $20,000 in its defense of providing domestic partner benefits in a lawsuit filed by state Rep. Tom Brinkman, a Republican from Mount Lookout.


at 11:09 AM, June 27, 2006 Anonymous Wyatt Earl said...

Does the Enquirer plan to take an editorial position on this item from www.atrios.blogspot.com:

"As treason charges against the New York Times (but not, oddly, the Wall Street Journal) are getting thrown around on various "respectable" news outlets by people working in "journalism" I think it's probably time for the serious reporters at those outlets to inform management that their resignations will be forthcoming if it doesn't stop.

Silly people like me have been trying to warn you for years - you created, cultivated, nourished, and promoted these people. They're one of you. Take a stand, because pretty soon it's going to be too late."

at 12:52 PM, June 27, 2006 Anonymous what do you mean Wyatt? said...

Take a stand against what? Too late for what?
Does the public want the federal government trolling through their phone and bank records? If they are OK with that, then just stop buying the New York Times. Obviously journalists think this is newsworthy or they would not been awarded a Pulitzer Prize. How about the treasonous, manipulative, frequent, anonymous White House and Pentagon "leaks" of classified CIA agent information to the Times' reporter and others?

at 1:56 PM, June 27, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of treason, J. Kenneth Blackwell stole the election in 2004 and has yet to account for all the "anomolies" across the state. This has been well documented by Congressman John Conyers in his report "What went wrong in Ohio" and by Bob Fitrakis of the Free Press and Greg Palast at the BBC.

Carl Weiser claims people who know Ohio elections best disagree, but refuses to name who these people are.

I didn't vote for Kerry so save the sore loser BS. I just believe we should have legitimate elections in Ohio and Blackwell can't be trusted to count the votes for an election he's in. He is a crook that should be behind bars and the Enquirer should be held accountable for covering up his CRIMINAL activity.

at 4:26 PM, June 27, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wait until all the members of the central committee of the local republican party and the fishwrap tries to come up with the legal fees to fight that multi-million dollar claim for violating the right to anoynomus free speech and libel.

Maybe they will learn political bias is not worth it !


at 9:22 PM, June 28, 2006 Anonymous Unw(R)apped said...

Lawsuit about anonymous free speech? The fishwrap lets you w(R)ant and w(R)ave anonymously here, Anonymous.
Unless you are back in the USSR, newspaper hasn't been used to w(R)ap fish for decades, clown!

at 5:24 PM, July 03, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

at 6/28/2006 9:22 PM Unw(R)apped said...
Lawsuit about anonymous free speech? The fishwrap lets you w(R)ant and w(R)ave anonymously here, Anonymous.
Unless you are back in the USSR, newspaper hasn't been used to w(R)ap fish for decades, clown!

Here is another wRong wing nut that doesn't know schmidt !!

You apparently have spent time at the docks !!

Maybe you should go to the straight st. market !!

The wRong wing fishwrap sure smells fishy to me !!

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