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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Trying to control social agencies in the West End

UPDATE: Mayor Mark Mallory says he wants to talk more to Chris Bortz about this before deciding whether to put it on a future agenda. He said he is concerned that such a move by council would appear to be trying to re-visit the issues the city already tried to handle in court and could, therefore, open the city up to more litigation.

This isn't on today's City Council agenda, but it passed out of economic development committee Tuesday: A resolution from Chris Bortz that would direct the city administration to "adhere to the policy that social service agencies and programming shall not be concentrated in a single geographic area and shall not locate in an area that is deemed impacted."

He writes that the West End - the location for the proposed CityLink consolidated social services center - "provides significant potential for job growth through commercial and light industrial development, thereby increasing City of Cincinnati tax revenues."

The city late last month lost its fight against CityLink when the Supreme Court of Ohio declined to hear appeals.

Read Bortz's whole resolution here.

Mayor Mark Mallory, who grew up and still lives in the West End, did not put the item on this week's agenda, but still could.


at 2:26 PM, April 09, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boss M has a brother who wants CityLink. No chance this will happen.

at 2:53 PM, April 09, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Growing communities have learned by the mistakes made at the turn of century in urban planning. What was a good plan then, sucks now. Many newer, growing communities have created government complexes. areas where all government programs are administered in very close proximity to other offices that often must work together to deliver a service to citizens.

we need to create our own government complex - not just social services for the poor people - but all services.

with the offer of the kahns' property - theopportunity exists to slowly move government offices to this location with cheaper property costs, readily available parking space and which will allow the county and city governments to sell off prime real estate during this renaissance of the downtown.

city Links in the heart of what will be an entertainment and higher echelon real estate area - is just plain stupid -- move it to Kahn's and lead the way for other programs and government functions out of the downtown city area -- dowtown should be a place to go right after work, not necessarily "to work" in the new urban designs that are successful.

at 8:23 AM, April 10, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Mallory really live in the West End?

at 9:01 AM, April 10, 2008 Anonymous Harold Schuler said...

As Mr. Bortz states, that there are zoning restrictions already in place for such an establishment(CityLinks), how was the Supreme Court of Ohio able to override the zoning law and come up with their own law?

With that said, CityLinks is a good idea in that it is financed by the Religious Community which would alleviate the City's annual battle, at budget time, hasseling about how much taxpayer money should be given to human and social services.

at 9:22 PM, April 10, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The residents in the West End, OTR, CUF & the folks leaving Downtown for home could use a nice grocery store on that spot.

In addition, the Board of Elections has been bellyaching they need a bigger place so they can get the ballot count out faster.

Cincinnati doesn't need this CityLink criminal-o-rama. We've got enough beggars bellying up at the public trough every December for money they use for themselves rather than those who are genuinely in need. And there's no guarantee that the "religious" of CityLink won't take their place in the beggars line.

This CityLink deal is nothing but a Dale Mallory Production for extra under the table walk-around money.

Cincinnati, wake up! You've got a bunch of shysters selling you & your tax money out!

at 10:59 PM, April 10, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mayor Mark Mallory, who grew up and still lives in the West End, did not put the item on this week's agenda"
PEOPLE...get it right. The Mayor moved to Mount Airy in 2002. He does not LIVE in the West End!
Why do you print this lie?
I live on the 900 block of Dayton. He has an office at 907, be he sure as hell doesn't LIVE there.

at 9:33 AM, April 11, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a democrat I am ashamed of my party. We are supposed to be the party of the people. We are supposed to stand tall against corp coruption and back room deals but here we have a mayor who is workign against the will of the people in supressing the citylink resolution, and we have the party Chair Tim Burke, also citylink defense lawyer making back room deals with mallory to keep this resolution off the table as well as making back room deals with the repblicans to keep voters from making a choice.

We need to clean up our party and return the power to those that it is supposed to serve

at 9:57 AM, April 11, 2008 Anonymous jfd said...

schuler: "With that said, CityLinks is a good idea in that it is financed by the Religious Community which would alleviate the City's annual battle, at budget time"

No matter how you try dress this pig it's still going to be a pig. The plan is to use state and federal tax dollars to house newly released convicts, imported to Cincinnati, from the prison system. Once Citylink has extracted all they can from each prisoner; they will become the problem of Cincinnati and Hamilton County taxpayers; just like the VOA's sex offender program.

One other fine point to consider; does Crossroads leadership in the relig-o-tainment industry really qualify it a part of the religious community? I would tend to think not as they are only about selling the perception of salvation, to the sheeple. SHOW ME THE MONEY! I also think the use of corrupt politicians and unethical practices in their efforts to cram this nightmare down the City's throat; would also exclude them from the religious community.

at 1:40 PM, April 11, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dale M is importing convicts with Citylink so brother Boss M can count them in the next census to increase his political power. Maybe they can all live on the streetcars!

at 2:24 PM, April 11, 2008 Anonymous OTR Parent said...

The proposed site of CityLink is 100 feet from Dyer Playground, a very busy West End ballfield and playground. Last night I would estimate there were 60 school age kids using the ballfields. The ballfields are under lights and host day and night time games. What sense does it make to house and treat recovering drug addicts and just released prisoners 100 feet from this busy ballfield. Supporters of CityLink should drive to Bank Street and ask themselves if they would drop their kid off for a game next to CityLink. The mayor should consider CityLink's effect on the security around Dyer Playground, since it is a CRC facility.

at 8:19 PM, April 11, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Mayor Mark Mallory says he wants to talk more to Chris Bortz about this before deciding whether to put it on a future agenda. He said he is concerned that such a move by council would appear to be trying to re-visit the issues the city already tried to handle in court and could, therefore, open the city up to more litigation.

Update, schmupdate. All 3M is doing is backpedaling & stalling. What is it that he doesn't understand about City Council's NO vote? What is it that he doesn't understand about revisions & updates to zoning & building codes?

Pure, plain & simple - it's more under the table & dirty deals that are bubbling to the surface. This isn't about any Court litigation. Balderdash! Dale Mallory has been caught & 3M is scrambling to keep from being flushed down the toilet with his brother.

It was only a matter of time, a long time. The spotlight is on & once again, the roaches are scattering!

We've got enough criminality in this City, more than enough freeloader public purse sucking agencies fattening themselves up & way more sexual perverts preying on our children. We don't need another dump catering to those who refuse to get a backbone & get a life. We will not sacrifice our children for a run amok operation like CityLink. Let 'em build it out on their Crossroads property. See how the Oakley, Pleasant Ridge & Hyde Park residents swallow that sort of a shady hatched plan.

at 7:21 AM, April 13, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jane, interview the people who live on my street, York, behind the 907 Dayton address. THE MAYOR MOVED OUT TO MT.AIRY WITH MOM AND DAD WHEN HE WAS A SENATOR. They use it as an office and maildrop. The move was November 2002. In his mayoral pursuit, he used an overworked and underappreciated paralegal through Kenny Lawson's office to push the same issue on ALicia Reece and her family.

In March we got an e-mail from the West End Community Council where we belong. The letter is posted next:

West End Community Council
P.O. Box 14424 Cincinnati , Ohio 45250

March 14, 2008

The New Hamilton County Board of Elections – A Great Fit in the West End

To: Mayor Mark Mallory and City Manager Milton Dahoney; Commission President Todd Portune, Commissioners Pat DeWine and David Pepper; Vice-Mayor David Crowley, President Pro-Tem Laketa Cole, Councilmembers Jeff Berding, Chris Bortz, John Cranley, Leslie Ghiz, Chris Monzel, Roxanne Qualls, Cecil Thomas; Director of Elections, John Williams; Cincinnati Enquirer Managing Editor Hollis Towns

Dear City and County Leaders , Director of Elections, Members of the Press:

The Enquirer's front page article of March 11, 2008 revealed the Hamilton County Board of Elections' need and criteria for a new facility. After reviewing the materials, the West End Community Council Executive Board voted to offer a solution of an almost perfect match with the former Club Chef property and manufacturing facility purchased by CityLink at 800 Bank Street. The surrounding neighborhoods, along with the City of Cincinnati have been locked in a zoning legal battle for 2 ½ years. Attracting the BOE to 800 Bank Street may be the positive outcome to this legal battle that has eluded the neighborhoods, the City, and CityLink to date.

Criteria noted are:
Building needs to be 90,000 to 100,000 square feet
Climate controlled storage capacity
Loading dock
Room for training classes
Secure ballot storage area
Room for a printing press
Easily accessible on bus routes or by vehicle

The 800 Bank building is 100,800 square feet with insulated pre-cast concrete construction that is inherently compatible with climate controlled storage and security requirements. The facility has 12 loading docks, one of which is a drive-in, very beneficial considering Cincinnati 's spring and November weather. Location is close proximity to downtown, major media outlets, Interstates 71 and 75, 200 feet from seven major bus routes. Situated on 5 acres, the site has an existing secured parking lot for 200 cars. Purchased in 2006 for 1.362 million, this is compatible with the scarce county budget.

The West End would welcome the BOE with open arms. This solution will be presented to the full WECC at its March meeting for its full body support. (UPDATE: Support voted unanimously March 18, 2008).

With best regards,
Shirley Colbert
President, West End Community Council

Your task, Jane, is to assist citizens with news based on facts, not just taking the word of savvy politicians as gospel because they are so nice. Now ask the Mayor for the copy of his response to this. He has no connection to his OLD neighborhood. What he does have a great connection to is Tim Burke, wearer of many hats and first face for so many backroom deals with Mallory through the office of MANLEY-Burke. Deals like covering for the Mayor's brother Dale, for the CityLink deal, for stealing from neighbors in the West End.

Mark Mallory had to give up his Democratic Party Co-Chair seat during his mayoral run. His deal with Burke on that? NO MORE CO-CHAIRS. So that Mallory retains the ghost chair and his fingers in all pies.

Ask those questions, Jane. Ask other people for their answers. Don't be another Mallory shill.It just adds to the lack of reality you deal to the reader.


at 11:53 AM, April 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

CityLink repeatedly in their legal briefs and currently on their "One City" website ("Supreme Court Decision Paves the Way for CityLink") refers to 800 Bank Street as a "Long-vacant former slaughterhouse facility".
The facts are quite different. The facility as "Club Chef" had 350 employees and a total payroll of $8.5 Million, until it was moved from 800 Bank Street to Covington,Ky on 2/4/05. CityLink, within several months, tied the property up and had their first of many meetings with Dale Mallory on 9/02/05, to "discuss development of the Club Chef property". These non-transparent meetings with CityLink, while serving as WECC President, led to Dale Mallory's impeachment as WECC President in January 2006.
The description of 800 Bank Street used repeatedly and currently by CityLink as a "long-vacant facility" appears to be false justification for their project.

at 9:22 AM, April 15, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crossroads is a church for simpletons. If you don't believe me, check it out. It's all show.

And the fact that the Supreme Court is allowing these racist clowns to get in the social service industry is quite disturbing.

Yes, I said racist. These mostly white church folks are mostly from the east side and don't want these kinds of agencies in their neighborhoods. I say these do-gooders open up the facility on their huge campus in Oakley.

B Stone - OTR

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