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Monday, January 14, 2008

Freedom Center wants $1 million for Banks rights

Jessica Brown has this breaking story out of the Hamilton County Commissioners meeting this morning:


at 12:06 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds like a Special Project for John Pepper's adopted son and David's BFF Greg Landsmann to Direct!

at 12:09 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get rid of the Freedom Center. It was supposed to be privately sponsored. The government needs to stand-up and let them know that citizens who want to donate and support them will do so.

This is HOGWASH!

at 12:36 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Jason Gloyd said...

The fleecing of the taxpayers continues and will continue unless people speak up. There is a special commission meeting tonight at 7:00 at the Sharonville Convention Center. The Freedom Center is expected to ask for another $3 million in operating costs. Show up and voice your concern.

at 12:39 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Forgotten Middle Class Guy said...

It is an outrage that The Slave Center continues to look for every possible avenue to enslave the taxpayers. Why are so few politicians willing to stand up to them?

The only ones who stand up to The Slave Center are the same ones who opposed Issue 27 (Brinkman, Monzel, DeWine). We can see who stands up for the voters and who's been bought off by John Pepper.

at 12:41 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is their right to develope the land as they want. If someone else wants to develop it, then they need to compensate. This has nothing to do with who sponsored it.

Want to rant? Rant about the committeee who did not know this and push this project down your throats. This project has been a lifetime in the planning and will take another lifetime to complete.

Besides they have not secured finances to do the Banks yet. So it may be a moot point.

And my friends ask me why I live in NKY.

at 12:42 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, in favor of a museum however it seems every time I read about the Freedom Center they are asking for money. Exactly, wasn't this suppose to be privately funded?

at 12:50 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous CityTaxpayerHeldHostage said...

Absolutely yes! Pay them a million dollars and then not one more penny in subsidies, tax assistance, etc. They will crumble within the first year of no assistance and the city can take back the land, building and be done with one of the stupidest and expensive ideas.

at 12:52 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tax Payers of hamilton County have been lied to since day one of the Freedom Center tabocle. Let's put this thing to bed. No more Taxpayer money used for the Freedom Center PERIOD. If people want to put private money into this 'waste of space', be my guest. Even the black community doesn't go and support this building.

at 12:55 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has been 7 years since the Freedom Center got the developmental rights and have done nothing with their "long standing plans - so time to give it back.


at 1:28 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you would think the Freedom Center would want to spread some good will here. It's a shame that they have to get so greedy over land that was given to them, and they don't use.
The Freedom Museum needs to relies without the banks they have no hope of staying open. People are getting fed up with how much tax money they get. It's to the point that I've met several people who refuse to go there because of all the tax money they suck up. (These are people that refuse to go to functions held at the museum, not just go to the museum)
The Freedom Center need to earn it's own keep.

at 1:33 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a scam the taxpayers give you land and then ask to use the part you did not develop and you want to charge them for it!

When the Freedom Center was being built I expected a small museum. Instead it is a huge complex! With that much overhead it was destined to fail and clearly has, as evidenced by the fact that they keep coming to the taxpayers for money. How inept of a business mind did you need to realize that? The Cincinnati Firefighters museum is about as big as my house. The Freedom Center could house the Fire musuem at least 70 times over.

Keep electing feel good liberals and open your wallets Cincinnati.

at 1:42 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politicians are afraid to stand up for taxpayers about the freedom center because they don't want to hurt the black people. What will happen is the naacp will creep in as they always do and make this issue racial AS ALWAYS...then it will delay the banks bla bla bla. In my opinion, freedom center owners, spokespeople etc should stfu or move to Detroit.

at 1:51 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The freedom center "idea" should be a wing in a true museum attraction. Who's vision is this Freedom museum anyway? Who goes to this??? Who has free time on the weekend and a few extra $$$ in their pocket and says to their family,"let's take a trip to the Freedom Center!"??????? Doesn't Cincinnati have enough budget shortfalls without funding someone's overly expensive vision of a worthless museum. The city should take the land and develop it. Then maybe something can be used for generating revenue....not fruitlessly blowing it!

at 1:55 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is something wrong with the people here in the Greater Cinci area. How is it possible that some holly rollers are able to build and fund a big huge lie at the creation museum, yet when it comes time for funding a museum that actually represents something true, theres no interest. WTF. Anyway, isn't the Freedom Center a national museum? How about national funding?

at 1:56 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Forgotten Middle Class Guy said...

1:42 - the thing is the NAACP and Black community haven't advocated for more Slave Center funding. They realize their community has far more pressing needs than developing a slave museum.

at 2:18 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sooo, the Freedom Center is to make white people feel better?

Well...I don't feel better.

1:51 - You need to take some time in you life to get some culture, it's not a bad thing.

at 2:26 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a joke. The only people that go to that excuse for a museum are elementary kids on field trips. It was the cities worst move ever and make cincy look like a joke. Where's oprah now that the place consistantly loses money each month? We need to demolish that and build a big bar there instead

at 2:27 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous CIncinnati Kid said...

It would seem that a developed Banks project could be fruitful for the Freedon Center. Why would they want to charge the City for the land that was given to them?
I've never been there and will never go. Just not interested in spending my free time in an opression themed museum. Whats next? Holocaust camp? The Freedom Center may work with a developed bank. It probably won't survive otherwise. I did not mean to offend anyone with my comments.

at 2:29 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goes to show the ignorance of anyone in cincy politics.....more entertainment won't bring more people to the freedom center. It will bring more people to make fun of it and the vision that some idiot came up with. The freedom center needs to move to alabama or someplace where someone actually cares about the past of slavery.

at 2:33 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, 1:51....No culture to be foun dat the Freedom Center. Just a big, empty building, costing us way too much money and resourceful spcae.

at 2:49 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

That "Freedom Center" from day one was the dumbest, biggest waste of space ever to be built in Cincinnati. Cincinnati would have been better off building a toilet museum. It has Never Ever turned a profit and it continues to get in the way also it is a pathetic eyesore. The Freedom center seems to mean freely take taxpayer money; especially from museums that are attraction. No one wants to be blamed for something that occurred 142 years ago or more. Cincinnati should tear it down and save money now, in its place put a German Heritage center there; since Half of Cincinnati Metro Area has German Ancestry.

at 2:50 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tear it down, it even makes the city skyline look bad.

at 2:57 PM, January 14, 2008 Blogger The Great Stephen Dapper said...

Allegedly Banks developers Carter Real Estate and Dawson Co of Atlanta had their plans approved for construction of disputed area, why are these developers now requesting additional property rights from the government?

It is worth pointing out this entire Banks episode merely adds to historic folklore of our majority County Commissioners inability to guide our county and develop property, where is Tom Neyer now when we need him? Todd Portune’s blather illustrates overwhelmingly why Ed Rothenberg is the man to replace him as Hamilton County Commissioner.

at 4:06 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing more suprising than the Freedon center needing money are the racist comments voiced by some of the bloggers. Slave Museum, tear it down and put a German history museumn. So this is why Cincinnati is seen as one of the most racist towns in the midwest? Now i know why marge schott and willie cunningham have so many apologist. SAD

at 4:18 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at not yet hearing from Christopher Smitherman on this issue. As the president of the local chapter of the NAACP I'd think he'd be outraged at the suggestion of the Freedom Center being given $1 million-dollars for this 1.5 acre plot. This move does nothing to advance those he represents and in fact places negative light on the center whose focus is prodominently the abuse of colored people. Mr. Smitherman, if you're going to scream from the roof top when those you represent are done an injustice, be a true leader and scream just as loud when those you represent are committing an injustice.

at 4:53 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Freedom Center just wants money b/c they are losing so much money every month. It was a great idea and great gesture but frankly, shouldn't we have something there that MAKES MONEY?? Call me crazy but aren't they also a privately funded place? And the land they have was given to them for FREE!? Turn it into a casino and at least there be money coming in, cuz the house always wins!

at 5:04 PM, January 14, 2008 Blogger Quim said...

Great to see they are such good neighbors.
Great to see Carter is so good at design.
Dunno why these guys don't see the benefit of the development to their museum.
It is really sad this place does so poorly compared to that goofy creation joint in KY.
PS: On the subject of a German Heritage museum - the German population of the city was never proportionally as large as the black population currently is.

at 5:07 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another million. I guess the city will lose 1 working person for every thousand dollars they steal from us. If you work, you are the slave.

at 5:49 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good for the Freedom Center !

There should be a green space between the museum and the smell of cooking grease in the air !

If it is worth 5 million they should receive $5,000,000, PERIOD !

They were smart enough to acquire the rights when no one was willing to build !

Free Enterprise !



at 6:21 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Freeloader said...

It's Ugly. It should be near the other museums ( Creat a museum center) It should be smaller. It should be called the Undeground Railroad Museum instead of the PC/generic and confusing Freedom Center?!?!?
They got the land for free and sure have balls asking to get payed to use the land they got for free. They cannot support themselves so they should be weaned off.
this is what you get when government gets too much tax money and starts deciding what is appropriate, what should be done and what you should think. cutting taxes would solve all there problems.
To the person that critizied the Creation Museum ( which I agree is not correct theologically or scientifically) they are privately fundedand making money and in these PC times no politician even got near supporting it. You may not agree with them but they have every right to do in America. When the Government funds it that is wrong.

at 7:34 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure there is more German Heritage in Cincinnati then Black. The Black people are still crying over slavery. Tell that to somoene who lived in a Concentration Camp. No slaves are still alive, but my family that lived in a concentration camp are.

at 7:48 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Freedom Center wants a million bucks for their underused back yard, give it to them...but insist on their letting people visit the center for free.

Or else they will just fritter the money away on high priced elitist staff, as they have done for years.

at 8:04 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who the Point Man is/was for the Freedom Center??

I've heard it is/was Senior Pepper; is it true?

If we can't identify a Point Man, the power brokers/politicians-buying-support just push something through and no one has to answer the tough questions.

Question is: Is the Freedom Center serving a purpose? If yes, what is it, really? If no, it's time to stop (aka no more funding)..

at 8:24 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

STEP 1: Stop the denial. Pack up the Freedom Center exhibits and move it all to storage. Be out in 30 days. You're losing money.
STEP 2: Fill the three buildings with profitable businesses with opportunity for naming rights to the building and integrate it into the Banks project. It's not that complicated. Just do it.

at 8:32 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is for anonymous. It is sad someone would post a comment stating vote Democrat in 2008. If this person knew anything about Cincinnati and Hamilton County politics, the majority of council is democratic, as is two-thirds of the commissioners. Has been that way for a while and even when the Freedom Center project started. If your tired of being fleeced by a two party system, as most of us are we need to vote a third party that truely has the interest of the voters in mind.

at 8:51 PM, January 14, 2008 Blogger Paul E. Jones said...

Man oh Man...First the tax payers are asked to bail this so called "Freedom" center, and now we are agin being held hostage...I am sure this will become a race issue very soon. After all isn't that how is always goes. They should get Jessie Jackson and his Rainbow Klan on the case. He is great at extorting money from white America.
Paul Jones

at 9:19 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical Cincinnati. Let's build a museum that we can all go to be depressed. Terrible idea and it should not receive 1 cent of public funds. Only a democrat would be stupid enough to fund this thing.

at 9:22 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernish: You've fulfilled your fuduciary duty, now fulfill your civic duty and give back to the citizens what was given to you.

at 9:37 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

7:34 _All the bad things that happened in slavery are still with us today. You concentration-camp victims got a free ride here in America and have no residual problems.

You're just as bad as the Vietnamese & Chinese, etc that have taken unfair advantage of the education & opportunities that our free-enterprise republic provides.

We blacks are still stuck in the ghetto.

at 9:44 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boot this Slave Center stuff out & truck it elsewhere. Then, they can turn the Slave Center into a jail & move the Drop Inn Center in a section of it. In other words, recycle the building.

And for those of you who have a tummy ache over German Heritage, get over yourselves. It's too bad you equate the Germanic culture with racism. You will NOT take the heritage, customs & cultures away from the Europeans who first settled in this area. Regardless of how many Germans & those of other European heritages are left, attempting to hold on in this ruthless, crime-ridden town, that mark left by the ancestors will always remain. Don't like it? Pick up & move to another town that shares your racist thinking.

I am pretty sure there is more German Heritage in Cincinnati then Black. The Black people are still crying over slavery.

Yeah, you have a good point there. And a tad bit more than 1/3 of the American Blacks in this country have white genes in their composition. But the bellyaching makes for good stories & the continuous White Blame.

at 10:08 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Mill Creek said...

Look, they are going to get the money one way or another, so might as well get the land back in return. I never plan on visiting, but I accept it is there and can move on. At least it is something unique to Cincinnati. By the way, people, it is not a "slave" museum, don't show your ignorance by referring to it as such. The Underground Railroad is a positive story, so keep the city's figurative chin held high.

Hey, those two stadiums cost a WHOLE lot more to the taxpayers.

Freeloader 6:21, uh, it is called the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Learn the name of the place. I prefer the acronym NURF Center, because like a Nerf ball, it was built to be soft to make sure no one gets hurt. :)

at 10:34 PM, January 14, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Empty the Freedom Center and put in gambling. You think Cincinnati has trouble competing with N. Ky now. Wait until N Ky. gets gambling (and it's on the way). Downtown will be a ghost town.

at 10:00 AM, January 15, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freedom Center = Money Pit

at 11:23 AM, January 15, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it has not been done already, Borgman needs to do this cartoon:

Freedom Center in background and a line of taxpayers in shackles. With the caption, "Freedom isn't free".


at 6:16 PM, January 15, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's about time the people wake up and smell the coffee!! the freedom centercenter is a huge waste of taxpayer money and now they want to pull a scam and have the city and taxpayers pay for what was given them to begin with. This is a losing endeavor and another good example of the inept city gov. that has been running this city. i dare say that this will never be financially independent and the taxpayers will be paying for it until it is closed. the banks project, although 10 years to late, will at least bring some traffic to the area which might trickle "TRICKLE" over to the freedom center. If the freedom center wants to keep the land let them, but build a moat around it. then the freedom center could be seen for the big money pit, eyesore that it is, alone on its island. the city should also refuse to give anymore money to the failing "failure" project and joke that it is!!

at 9:07 PM, January 15, 2008 Anonymous Someone like many I know said...

And people wonder why there is racism...

Why is a place like this, whether you think it good or bad, risking to throw a wrench in the banks plan? I am a 22 year old college student at UC and I would love to go downtown. I don't know much but I know that it is people like myself and others my age who patronize these places. Go to Mt Adams anytime. I very rarely go downtown. Why? 1. There are few good places to go. 2. It is not safe. Why is not safe? Because no one will go down there to patronize the city. And it is people like myself and my friends (all from Cincinnati) who will soon be the conducting business in the city. Where can I take a client downtown? The banks is nothing but good for the city. I am absolutely sick and tired of people who bring nothing to the city polluting our streets. I cannot go down there without being, for lack of a better word, harassed for money. You get more bars and restaurants, centrally located and people WILL come. With more people it will naturally be safer. The banks project will do nothing but bring more money to the city. I am sick of going to Newport, patronizing their bars and restaurants, and seeing that city grow and not Cincinnati. But until the city becomes safe and has centrally located bars, restaurants, and shops, I and my friends will continue to go where the grass is green, and it seems like that's on the other side of the river.

at 3:40 AM, January 17, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...I am a 22 year old college student at UC and I would love to go downtown. I don't know much"

You are correct, you do not know much !

The fact is Mt. Adams couldn't hold a candle to the former third street district !

But, the wRong wingnut whackos destroyed it to line the pockets of the failed sports teams !

If there is no place to go, you can blame Bed-in-house, Bird-ling, hindlick, da da da da whiner !

Unless you can afford a town property condo, a gizzy lizzy casino, a Great American insurance policy, no one cares where you go !

By the way, Clifton was once the hopping place, as well !

When was the last time you ordered the best cod in the city from Alabama's on Liberty ?

Or the best hot met from Diane, the cart vendor, at the Dalton Street post office ?

Or the best chicken strips from Lil' Chet's on Colrain & Spring grove ?

When you make the effort to learn the community, there is nothing to fear !

We live in the burbs, but, we travel to those areas to spend our money !

Why? Because it is a charm !

Just last week we picked up some fish from Alabama's and when we came out there was a pan-handler whom approached us. I gave no cash, but, we sat down and shared our meal ! We had a sidewalk picnic in 30% weather. It was a great experience of mutual respect !

Volunteer at the drop-in center. You may learn to appreciate what is, instead of what may be !

The fact kid, you don't know anything !



at 10:43 AM, January 17, 2008 Blogger solorunner said...

The Freedom Center has been a waste of money from day one. The management lied about its financing, lied about costs to maintain it and lied stating it would be self sustaining when in fact they knew from day one it would never happen. Now they have the unmitigated gall to extort this city and county for 1 million taxpayer dollars. While paying out $800,000 in salaries to its top three managers. For those who will cry racism cry all you want this criminal organization can no longer appeal to white guilt. Once you’ve shelled out 12 bucks to hear the centers played out message of misplaced guilt and reparations you don’t rush to get back, so virtually every visitor is a one time visitor, not a business model steeped in success.
The “Extortion “ Center, has demonstrated that they are a poorly run business and deserves to have its doors closed. It is high time this joke be converted into something useful, a parking garage, a shopping mall, or casino with a hotel. Take the “exhibits” and dress up a chain restaurant with them.

Not one more dime.

at 1:52 PM, January 17, 2008 Blogger solorunner said...

at 3:40 AM, January 17, 2008 Anonymous said...

You wrote that you sat down in the street and shared your meal with a pan handler? That event never happened and anyone reading it knows that was a load of crap and yes we’ve all "had enough" of your illiterate rants. Had enough? ignore a liberal facist.

at 4:21 PM, January 17, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...


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