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Monday, February 04, 2008

Voinovich: McCain can't manage

George Voinovich, Ohio's senior senator, said Monday afternoon that John McCain, his Senate colleague and GOP presidential front-runner, is sorely lacking in management experience.

"McCain keeps saying, 'we need a leader; I can hire managers,' but we need a leader who understands management,'' Voinovich said in a meeting with the Enquirer editorial board Monday afternoon.''

"There are big differences between being a mayor or a governor and being a legislator,'' said Voinovich, a former Cleveland mayor and governor of Ohio. "We are facing some serious issues in this country. We need somebody who knows how to run things."

Voinovich has not formally endorsed anyone for the Republican presidential nomination, but he made it clear Monday he favors one his fellow former governors, Mitt Romney, over McCain.

"The person in this race who has the most management experience in the private and public sectors is Mitt Romney,'' said Voinovich.

A story in Monday's Washington Post said that some of McCain's Republican Senate colleagues may have difficulty in accepting McCain as their party's nominees because McCain has tangled with members of his own party over the years.

Asked if he has had any acrimonious disagreements with McCain in the Senate, Voinovich said he had, but wouldn't talk about them specifically.

"I'd rather concentrate on positive things,'' Voinovich said.

Voinovich is not impressed by the management skills of the Democratic contenders for president either.

"Hillary Clinton, she has vicariously managed, I guess,'' Voinovich said. "Barack Obama? Give me a break."


at 2:33 PM, February 04, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Romney is not a politician so he doesn't have the slick delivery others do. But to me this is a positive. The politicians have messed things up...including McCain. We need a change and I think Romney's the one. He can work with world leaders and will impress them instead of yelling at them with four-letter words like McCain.

Romney took no pay from Massachusetts and only $1 from the Olympics. He's spending his own money on the race. I believe he wants this job not for power or money, but to be of service to our country. I support him.

Congratulations, Maine! Thanks for choosing a man with conservative values for America.
Mitt Romney's successful business experience, successful Olympic experience, and successful state governing success set him above all other candidates. His vision of using economic strength to combat terrorist and his Apollo plan for energy independence are also set him above all other candidates. He is a real leader who can lead American to build a strong economic and therefore a strong nation! Hope American people will elect Mitt Romney, the only competent candidate, to be our president.

How could any moderates and liberals backs war monger McCain. McCain wants to bomb Iran and stay in Iraq for 100 years and promised for more wars. McCain says he wants interest rates to be ZERO out of complete ignorance for how interest rates affect the economy. I'd like to see him say that to retirees on a fixed income. McCain want 10 million illegal immigrants to stay permanently and legal immigrants who can vote do not support it. How could this country be secure if he is in power??? If McCain is nominee, as a republican I would rather vote Clinton than McCain. As least we know Clinton has some intelligence and lead the booming economic. McCain will lead this country to a total ruin with his lack of intelligence and no executive experience. Mitt Romney is an expert in economics and finance and is the man we need as president.

If anyone can rescue the economy at this point, it would have to be Mitt. The US is $53 trillion in debt, that is $400K per household. The dollar is becoming useless and the Euro is now becoming the credible currency. Along with the national debt, most citizens are also deeply in debt. Tommorow the market is likely going to take a dump. If we don't have a good economy you can forget foreign policy, fighting wars, or healthcare, funding for top education. The economy needs to be front and center, not religion, steriotypes and other trivial things.

It’s time to remind the public about the Keating 5. Here the banks are falling appart and the economy is going into recession and we want to reward a slime ball like McCain who was wrapped up with Charles Keating, the guy who tanked Lincoln Savings & Loan, driving a previous recession? Go figure. Given what this did to the economy in the early 90’s, McCain should have just taken a baseball bat to the knee caps of the American people. Mitt is too kind to this power hungry geriatric sellout!
John McCain has allowed countless billions of American dollars to be siphoned out of this country into Mexico alongside the countless billions of taxpayer dollars spent on health care, education, welfare, crime and mortgage bailouts for illegal aliens. John McCain, in his support for illegal immigration, has allowed Al Qaeda terrorist to use Mexican drug smuggling tunnels to enter the United States and plot to attack Fort Huachuca in southern Arizona. This litany of positions contrary to conservatism and American interests could go on and on.

And according to a Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll released today, he is leading John McCain 37 percent to 34 percent in California, with Super Tuesday only two days away.

I can not believe you endorse Huckabee over Romney.
You will not get my support for your cause due to you uninformed choice of Huchabee. I support USANumber.
Wake up and start to support the only competent candidate Mitt Romney!!!

Huckabee give tuition to children of illegal immigrants to attract more illegal immigrants. He will run down US economic with his ecnomic incompetence. The danger of US economic clasps will make US have no means to protect our border.Huckabee can not win, your support of him is handing the election to McCain who wants open border and have 20 million illegal immigrants stay in US permenently to take away social security, education and medical care from you.

Huckabee FREED 12 MURDERERS to kill another innocent and PARDONED 1200 CRIMINALS.

Huckabee is a slick talker, attacks others religion, raises taxes. There are 12 ethical charges filed against Huckabee.

Romney's vision of using economic strength to combat terrorist and his Apollo plan for energy independence are also set him above all other candidates.
-- Hickabee's most loony notion is to scrap income taxes and replace them with sales taxes at roughly 30% on everything. By ending graduated taxation, Wall Street zillionaires and heiresses would pay no income taxes while single parent moms or working poor would fork out 30% on everything they spend which usually represents everything they make. It's not tax reform. It's a 30% tax on poverty, bad economics and the opposite of real Judeo-Christian values.

Do you care? If so, you have until Tuesday evening to make your principled and patriotic voice heard. For after Tuesday, if Mike Huckabee succeeds in his self-serving quest to deny Mitt Romney the nomination, then it will be conservatives who will be placed at the back of the line…for years to come.

Poor Huckabee. In his rush to compromise himself, he has not stopped to do some basic math. Basic math that dictates that as soon as he is no longer useful to the McCain campaign, he will be cast off the “Straight Talk” express at the nearest ditch. Blinded by his desire for power, Huckabee has not realized that there is no rational, logical, or political reason, for McCain to pick him as his running mate. Once the nomination is secure, Huckabee will revert back to the kind of evangelical McCain denounced so loudly back in 2000.

Huckabee’s suicide pact can only succeed if conservatives hold his hand as he leaps off the cliff. For the next two days, all the power still rests with the conservative movement. Not with Mike Huckabee. Not with John McCain. Not with the New York Times. For the next thirty-six hours or so, you, the conservative voter, control your destiny.

How much do you really care about border security? How much do you really care about stopping the illegal invasion of our nation? How much do you really care about not letting the United States morph into the North American Union? How much do you really care about true conservatives being appointed to the Supreme Court? How much do you really care about permanent tax cuts?

The betting in the McCain-Huckabee-New York Times camp is that your conservative opinion has become irrelevant. That your opinion and your vote has been displaced by a coalition of liberal, Democrat, independent, and Hispanic votes that have been directed to the “Straight Talk” express by the far-left media.

Bill Clinton has recently talked about fairy tales. A popular fairy tale being floated by the mainstream media is that John McCain would be the toughest Republican for the Democrat nominee to defeat in November. While entertaining in some quarters, it is not true. When asked, every single Democrat powerbroker I have spoken with in Washington, has told me that they fear Romney in a general election. They feel his “reasoned” conservatism would strike a chord with a majority of voters concerned with economic and national security, as well as illegal immigration.

That said, with no hope for the nomination, and no hope to be picked as a running mate, Mike Huckabee continues his Machiavellian campaign to derail Romney. Why?

In concert with that campaign, pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, pro-tax hike, “Republicans” and editorial pages, rush to endorse John McCain. Why?

Simple. They believe that the conservative movement is fractured and that its voice is muted. They believe you no longer count.

You have until Tuesday evening to prove them wrong. If not, we will all pay a very steep price.

Re: McCain's Electability [Mark R. Levin]

I'll explain the difference again, David, as it has been discussed before.

I came to Romney later than others because of some of his changed positions. However, he doesn't deny he was pro-abortion. He doesn't deny a number of positions he took while running for governor and governing, which he modified or change wholesale.

David writes: "Mark (Levin): I can understand (although I do not agree with) the position that the tax cuts were a bad idea at the time, but that they cannot be repealed without a devastating impact on the economy. That's not inconsistent. I can also understand the position McCain has taken on immigration — namely, that he still wants a guest worker program like he always did, but he wants to work for one after he convinces Americans that he's serious about border security." But this isn't the position that McCain is taking.

McCain denies he ever opposed Bush's tax cuts on class warfare grounds, which is demonstrably false. Why does he deny it, David? He used the argument all over the media. The record is clear. Yes, repealing them would have a devastating impact, as would instituting McCain-Lieberman or a host of other liberal ideas McCain has not renounced. McCain has problems with "managing for profit" and believes the oil companies are evil, and so forth. I take his record in context and see either a hostility to free enterprise and private property, or ignorance about economic matters.

McCain now claims he didn't know the intensity of opposition by the American people to his amnesty bill, as he only now realizes border security should come first. That's a serious point? And even now he won't flatly state, when asked, that he would not sign McCain-Kennedy if it hit his desk as president. Why not? Could it be because he would sign such a bill if it hit his desk?

We are watching the same race and coming to different conclusions.

Will McCain Make a POW out of the USA?

How many more men and women will McCain sacrifice in Iraq to preserve George Bush’s War Legacy? Will McCain surrender our borders to Mexico through his Open Border Amnesty philosophy? Will McCain surrender your wallet to special interest groups and entitlements for illegal aliens? Will McCain surrender Pro-Life views with liberals and partial birth abortions?

Will you surrender your vote for McCain on Super Tuesday?

at 2:42 PM, February 04, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voinovich doesn't like McCain????

Another reason to Vote for McCain!

Thanks, RINO George!

at 3:24 PM, February 04, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Romney can''t be a conservative and be an elected official from Mass. There isn't a conservative in the whole state

at 3:25 PM, February 04, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, "Anonymous @ 2:45 PM", do you think a COMMENT about such a brief item should be THAT MUCH longer than the item itself? Kind of like a book review being long than the book itself...

Now, as for a couple of your dubious "points" -- Romney isn't a politician? Nor is he slick? Good grief -- I must be watching this campaign with my bizarro glasses.

Mitt Romney is THE SLICKEST POLICITICIAN I've ever seen, bar none. It's hard to flip-flop so furiously and so completely, yet avoid alienating the current crop of sheep that you've fooled with whatever positions you've decided to espouse TODAY.

Why, "Anonymous @ 2:45 PM", do you choose to believe Mitt Romney NOW, versus what he said during previous campaigns and while serving as the governor of Massachusetts? How willing some people are to wear blinders and deny reality! You take the cake, sir or madame!

at 3:51 PM, February 04, 2008 Anonymous Dan said...

Since even McCain supporters are embarrassed by his liberal bills, liberal friends and thoroughly liberal record in the Senate, they often resort to saying, “he’s a true hero”. If you consider McCain heroic b'c of his service many years ago, you must also look to what he's done since then when deciding whether he's “a hero”.

After he came back from the war, his 1st wife got in a bad car accident and became partially disabled. What did the HERO MCCAIN do then? He cheated on his disabled wife for a while, then he divorced her, and married the 18-yr-younger, filthy rich mistress. His mistress' rich father bought McCain a seat in Congress. Still a HERO?

Then McCain, in an early sign of his bi-partisan instinct, became the only Republican of 5 Congressmen to get involved in the Keating 5 ethics scandal that cost the tax payers literally hundreds of millions of dollars. He was the only one of the Keating 5 who did not resign their seat after being found to have taken inappropriate actions by a bi-partisan committee. HEROIC?


I'm not convinced this fraud is a hero at all. He’s an old, Washington politician who has been able to con a lot of people with his military record, but he sure as heck hasn’t conned me.

at 4:14 PM, February 04, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

RON PAUL is the only candidate with a plan to fix the mess Bush has left us with!

at 9:29 PM, February 04, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

If George Voinovich is against John McCain, all the more reason to be for him. During his term as Governor of Ohio he tried to balance the budget on the backs of the poorest people in the state. And where was the money needed? A rainy-day fund! In his years in the Senate what is he known for?

at 1:20 AM, February 05, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Voinovich cry on the Senate floor while making these anti-McCain remarks?

at 2:52 PM, February 05, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain and Voinovich are two of a kind: Know-it-alls who are terribly stubborn.

at 9:17 PM, February 05, 2008 Anonymous Hamilton County Republican said...

Voinovich is a RINO. I hope Rob Portman runs against him in 2010.

at 3:53 PM, February 13, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...


Imagine Hillary is the Dem Nominee and selects Obama as her VP...

What is McCain to do? Answer, Select CONDI RICE as his VP Running Mate -- A Distinguished Scholar, Female, and African American, sorta a Republican Version of a blended Hillary & Obama.

CONDI RICE is the right age (53) to represent the future of the Republican Party 4-8 years as an elected VP of the USA, and then perfectly positioned to succeed McCain.

And, imagine the "ring-side" seats of a CONDI RICE VS. BARACK OBAMA Vice Presidential Debate??? An "Intellectual Slap Down" to say the least.

McCAIN needs to wake up and smell the coffee, regardless of who wins the Dem Nomination for President --Hillary or Obama -- McCain needs a Super Star on the Ticket that can appeal to women and African-Americans... The logical "Best Choice" is Sec. of State CONDI RICE... Go figure...

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