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Friday, February 01, 2008

Wulsin the early-money champ

UPDATED - Read statements from the campaigns at the bottom of this blog

Not only has Democrat Victoria Wulsin raised more money than 2nd Congressional District rival Steve Black, she has about three times as much money in the bank as the district’s incumbent Republican, Rep. Jean Schmidt, according to campaign finance reports.

Year-end federal campaign finance reports filed this week showed that, in 2007, Wulsin raised just over $500,000 and had $344,316 in cash-on-hand at year’s end.

Schmidt, who raised nearly $370,000 last year, ended 2007 with $124,857 in the bank.
The Republican incumbent may be lagging in fundraising behind Wulsin, her opponent in the 2006 election, but she has a distinct advantage over her principal opponent in the March 4 GOP primary.

State Rep. Tom Brinkman of Mt. Lookout, reported only $4,820 in contributions last year.

Wulsin’s principal challenger in the March 4 Democratic primary is Steve Black, who, like Wulsin, is an Indian Hill Democrat.

Black raised $320,095 in 2007 and had $223,536 in the bank as of Dec. 31.
There are two other candidates on the ballot in the 2nd District primary – Nathan Bailey on the Republican side and William R. Smith on the Democratic ballot. Neither reported raising any money in 2007.

The 2nd congressional district includes eastern Cincinnati neighborhoods, eastern Hamilton County, parts of Warren county and all of Clermont, Brown and Adams counties.

Schmidt's campaign had raised $379,691 by the end of 2007, but reported cash-on-hand of only $124,857 and a debt of $277,150, mostly money she and her family lent to her campaign.

Read Wulsin's statement here

Read Schmidt's statement here

Tom Brinkman's statement:
Cincinnati, OH. - State Representative and Congressional Candidate Tom Brinkman released his campaign finance reports for the end of last year. As expected, his cash on hand in his Congressional campaign account was just under $5500.

"I didn't enter the race until mid December", said Brinkman, "This is financial activity for only a couple of weeks through December. Fundraising has picked up significantly since then, and has been booming since Mr. Heimlich dropped from the race."

Campaign Coordinator Jason Gloyd felt confident about the race. "We are operating on a budget similar to the 2005 and that will make us very competitive. Tom's message has really been resonating with voters. This financial report is month old news, money and volunteers have been streaming in since. Let's face it", said Gloyd, "Having $5000 on hand feels better than $124,000 minus $277,000 in debt."

From Dan Herkert, campaign manager for Steve Black:

"As a first time candidate, Steve is performing extremely well. We are very pleased with what we have raised. We have everything that we need to run a successful campaign."

"Our opponent - this is her third campaign - so obviously she has more fundraising contacts. It's not surprising that she raised more."

Herkert declined to say whether Black planned to use his own money for the race.

"We're fully funded in our budget right now and that decision will be made down the road."


at 12:11 PM, February 01, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Tom Brinkman has such little money, then I guess he won't pay the jobless losers hanging around his campaign just like Bob McEwen didn't pay those jobless losers 2 years ago either.

When will they learn?

at 12:23 PM, February 01, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job Sherlock Wilkinson; perhaps you may want to note Schmidt OUT-RAISED all of her opponents this quarter by at LEAST $20,000. Once again, just more bias from the Enquirer.


at 12:30 PM, February 01, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is pretty big news. Wulsin will win the primary easily so she will be able to carry that money over to the general.

Big news, indeed.

at 12:55 PM, February 01, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 12:23,

Get over yourself and stop laying blame at the feet of Wilkinson. It doesn't really matter who raised more money in that quarter (or if it does, it matters for very different reasons). The story is about cash on hand which is what dictates what each campaign will be able to do (read: how much ad space they can buy) in the weeks leading up to the election.

Who actually raised more money is a very different story and isn't nearly as significant.

at 12:57 PM, February 01, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schmidt needs to raise more money and get out the "nuclear waste in our backyard vote" and the "make a fool of myself on the House floor vote" and "vote for me because I'm a Republican and all you've got vote."

at 1:06 PM, February 01, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

In other words, Schmidt's total assets are -$152,000.

That about sums up her accomplishments in Congress and the Legislature where she's been a champion for Bob Taft's tax hikes and pork barrel spending.

at 1:38 PM, February 01, 2008 Anonymous ck said...

Wulsin, the only person to ever make Bill Cunningham speechless... but what do you expect when a person claims the median income is 1,000,000 dollars!!

No typo, I about fell out of my chair when she said that to him during her last run.

Bring her on though, if she couldn't beat Schmidt last time, she certainly won't do it this time.

You think Kerry can run for president?

at 1:46 PM, February 01, 2008 Anonymous Bring Back Rob Portman said...

I like how the Schmidt-heads on here always accuse the Enquirer of being biased against Jean Schmidt when they report anything other than a Barry Bennett press release that mentions Jean Schmidt.

By focusing on the trivial with Jean, it takes readers off the substantive issues that would otherwise derail Jean Schmidt.

Only once in the 2006 primary did an article about the 2nd Congressional District Republican Primary make the front page of the Sunday paper (highest circulation and most read edition) and that just happened to be the single article most critical of Schmidt's challenger. What a coincidence.

This is a paper that has endorsed Jean Schmidt in the last four elections in which she has run.

If you think the Enquirer is biased against Jean, you don't know Schmidt.

at 11:18 AM, February 02, 2008 Anonymous Kathy said...

Anyone with more than a passing interest
in politics knows that fund-raising is
the hardest and most important part of
the process. No money, no campaign.

Obviously this shows Vic Wulsin has been
working very dilligently--long hours of
phoning and visiting--to amass that total, unusually high for a non-incumbemt.

It also shows that people like what she
has to offer. Rumor has it that her
poll numbers are high.

I predict wins March 4 and November 4!

at 2:49 PM, February 03, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that Wulsin will defeat Schmidt this time. If the Republicans nominate Brinkman they'll hold the seat easily but I'm not sure they're smart enough to do that.

at 9:35 PM, February 03, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schmidt possesses a rare combination of warped far-right political beliefs with a harsh and mean-spirited personal style which has placed one of the most GOP friendly congressional districts in the U.S. in serious jeopardy of being won by the Democrats. Her outrageous first speech in the well of the U.S. House of Representatives was a personal affront to every veteran in the District. Either Steve Black or Victoria Wulsin would make a huge improvement for the people of the 2nd District.

at 10:06 PM, February 03, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The 2nd congressional district includes eastern Cincinnati neighborhoods, eastern Hamilton County, parts of Warren county and all of Clermont, Brown and Adams counties."

I think Scioto and Pike Counties are in this district as well.

at 7:46 PM, February 05, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

None of this matters. Wulsin is a wackjob liberal with no chance of beating Jean Schmidt.

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