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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sebelius: Obama not 'picking out drapes'

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, right, waves with Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., following a rally at Butler County Community College in El Dorado, Kan., Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2008. Gov. Sebelius endorsed Obama during the event. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

Howard Wilkinson reports:

It was family ties that brought Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius back to her home town of Cincinnati Wednesday, but she found time to campaign for a presidential candidate many say she might end up running with on the same ticket this fall - Barack Obama.

The two-term Kansas governor spoke to a group of about 60 local Obama supporters Wednesday afternoon at the Laborers Union Hall in Evanston, where she was joined by her father, former Ohio governor John J. Gilligan.

Since her endorsement of Obama earlier this month in Kansas, home state of Obama’s mother, there has been much speculation that the 59-year-old Sebelius - as a woman and popular Democratic governor of a Republican state - might be a good match as Obama’s vice presidential running mate.

In an interview after her speech, she brushed aside the notion.

"It’s way to early to do anything but focus on the primaries in Ohio and Texas,’’ said Sebelius, whose own father was touted by many as a possible presidential or vice presidential candidate before he lost his race for re-election in 1974.

Obama, Sebelius said, "hasn’t been spending time picking out who’s going to be in the cabinet or picking out the White House drapes. He’s running hard for the nomination. There’s time for the rest of it later."

Sebelius said she has had no discussions with Obama or any of his campaign staff about the second spot on a Democratic ticket.

The Summit COuntry Day graduate came back to her hometown to be with her 85-year-old father when he was inducted into the ranks of "Great Living Cincinnatians" at a Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber dinner Wednesday night.

But, at the Laborers hall, she urged the Obama supporters who had braved the mid-afternoon snow squalls to take advantage of Ohio’s early voting system.

"You can go down right now, after this, and vote at the board of elections,’’ Sebelius said. "Please do."

Sebelius said that she support Obama rather than Hillary Clinton because the Illinois senator "is going to be the kind of transformational president this country needs right now."

"There can be no better match-up between the past and the future than a match-up between John McCain and Barack Obama,’’ Sebelius said.

In the interview after the speech, she spoke of the estimated 44 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 who could vote in this fall’s election - many of whom, she said, "have been inspired, fired up, to get involved for the first time by Barack Obama’s message."

If Obama were to fail to get the nomination, Sebelius said, "I would certainly hope those young people would still get involved. But I don’t know what they would do. They might become discouraged."


at 7:05 PM, February 20, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama's on the downlow (just like Oprah)He wins? I vote mcCain!

at 7:42 PM, February 20, 2008 Blogger Thevail said...

On the downlow....??? whatever.

And if you are going to vote for McCain if Hillary doesn't get the nomination, you must be a republican. Of course I suppose Hillary is closer to being a replublican than most democrats anyway what with being older, richer, more in favor of the status quo, white and from a politically powerful family dynasty.

And before you start telling me how she's going to get universal healthcare etc. , remember that she's already tried it her way during her husband's terms in office and FAILED. Is she explaining how she'll do it sooo much differently that it will work this time, not really.

A few things to consider...
President Bush SR. served his own 4 years in the white house, but before that let us not forget that he served 8 years as the VP to Reagan, oh wait Reagan had alzheimer's didn't he...so that's 12 years in office for Bush senior, then 8 years for Bill Clinton, then 8 more years for Bush Jr.
So far either a Bush or a Clinton has been running the white house for the past 28 years. There are middle aged people who've never had anyone else but a member of those two families running things. Now Hillary wants at least 4 more years and 8 if she can get them...hmm..28 + 8 = 36 years with just two families in power..seems like a dynasty with more than a little backroom dealing passing the power back and forth to me.

at 8:28 PM, February 20, 2008 Blogger DivineComedy said...

Obama has demonstrated not only an ability to bring people together... in stark contrast to Hillary and let's face it, McCain's ability to bring people together is cause he changes his position all the time! He insulted the conservative evangelicals 4 years ago...now he's just sucking up to them. Real sincere. I'd trust that guy, right.

Obama is masterful at getting legislation passed and I mean legislation on tough issues like ethics reform! Hillary hasn't ever gotten ANYTHING passed any more serious than a commendation to a lacrosse team (I'm serious! I researched it when I heard all the complaints about 'experience').

Obama has done more in his short time in politics than Hillary has done in her 35 years! It's really embarrassing to know this and hear her speeches sometimes.

at 8:41 PM, February 20, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote these comments is obviously very intelligent. So let me ask you-are the kennedy's a dynasty? If you want power, get off your ass and do something with your life instead of having a poor me party. I'm guessing you can tell me how to create jobs-are they created by the people who have no money or the people who create businesses. What has Obama accomplished besides giving a bunch of great speeches? What has he done to prove he is a leader? If your perspective in life is that their are separate classes in our society then I suggest you reread the constitution.

at 9:22 PM, February 20, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with gays. Just hypocrites and liars. Oh! and people who'll say anything that they think you want to hear just to get elected. At least I know what I'm getting with Hillary...

at 4:06 AM, February 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's time for transformational leadership and a change for the better!

If either Hillary or McCain end up in the "WHITE" house, it will be four more years of the same "OLD" thing: youth disconnected from feeling involved or empowered in the political process, cronyism, wars we shouldn't be paying for, partisan politics, and empty rhetoric.

I say down with the old white thing, lets get a younger black man in the driver's seat and shake things up a bit.

at 6:57 AM, February 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that America should vote for the person they believe in.

If anybody is sick and tired of seeing politicians pull all the strings and leaving the rest of America behind, then I hope you will do what I plan to do and vote for Barack Obama. He is the person from outside of politics who is currently doing what nobody thought could be done; he is sending a message of hope and winning the hearts of millions of people.

Let's show the politicians in Cincinnati that we can vote for whoever we want to and not who they dictate that we should. We are tired of the same ole same ole.

Obama will unite America, Clinton will not, and McCain makes me yawn.

I think the Cincinnati Enquirer should endorse Barack Obama. They people of Cincinnati already have. I wonder if the Enquirer will break the old routine and do something new for America?

Obama for America. The other politicians for themselves.

Obama for America. The other politicians for themselves.

That's right. Obama for America. The other politicians for themselves!

at 7:14 PM, February 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope that the Cincinnati Enquirer will endorse Hillary Clinton because of the change she will bring to the White House. She is very intelligent, a dedicated public servant over many decades, deeply cares about children, families, and our country. Her policies on universal health care, a workout plan for the home foreclosure mess, energy independence including the development of many green collar jobs, and reforming No Child Left Behind (No Child Left a Dime) are just a few. Hillary Clinton has demonstrated that she stays with these issues even when things get tough. This type of leadership is exactly what Ohio needs now. Support Hillary 2008.

at 7:22 PM, February 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I have not read one law that Sen. Obama himself has passed during his time in the Senate. He needs more time before I would have any confidence in his ability to run this country. Then I would have to see if his laws worked and helped alot of people. Talk without action is just alot of talk. That is the old way in Washington. A new face does not mean that it is better.

at 10:09 PM, February 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to point something out to all. The Presidency enjoys only ONE actual perogative. Control of our military. All else is controlled jointly by the two arms of Congress (and support is split evenly at present) so no sweeping changes are going to occur regardless of who is President. BUT.... The President Can stop, or start, a war. I find it more than a little confusing. So many younger folks saying that they have felt disenfranchised or left out. The fact is that unless you are 21 years old or younger, you WERE involved in voting George Bush to a second term and "staying the course" (Something I voted against.) Now that you see your mistake you want to give power over the world's greatest army to a Muslim sympathizer with zero foreign policy credentials.. Your actions endanger us all. Keep it up youth of America! Jericho won't just be a tv show....

at 10:44 PM, February 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Obama bringing people together"...
Obama is splitting the Party to where it may not heal itself by November. Obama...Unelectible

at 11:44 PM, February 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...Obama, Sebelius said, "hasn’t been spending time picking out who’s going to be in the cabinet or picking out the White House drapes. He’s running hard for the nomination. There’s time for the rest of it later."

Thanks for proving the opposition's position !

Clinton will be ready from day one with her team pre-selected and ready to restore National integrity, fiscal responsibility and restore the country as the worlds moral leader, PERIOD !

PATHETIC "family values" !


at 10:32 AM, February 22, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are you voting for? A white person or a black person? A female or a male? That is what this race is all about. People need to stop and think and listen to what is being said. Where are the promises of what they will do with the issues that are really important to the country? I see an elderly man who wants his 15 minutes of fame. I see a white women who is trying to be the first female leader. I see a black man who is a great orator. Words are empty unless there is real meaning behind them. The orator has no words that mean anything, no substance. The elderly man is someone who has the experience but his views are identical to other leaders that should never have been put in the white house. The white woman has the experience, the knowledge of what needs to be changed and will do her best to do what is right for this country. Now use common sense people. WHO DO YOU WANT RUNNING THIS COUNTRY? Are you voting because the perosn is black or white, male or female or are you voting for who is right for this country. Change is good but has anyone said what that change will be? Think long and hard before chosing the person that will run this country for the next 4 years and vote with your head and not because your male/female,black or white.

at 2:38 PM, February 22, 2008 Blogger Chanda45227 said...

For the person who said they have not seen any laws from Obama...You really need to research the candidate. Got to the website for the Library of Congress, and look up his record. He has authored ove 800+ bills since he has been in the Senate, and several of them have been made into law. Hillary supporters are always saying Obama supporters need to get educated on the issues. i dare to say we are more educated on the issues than you would like to think. hillary has authored 20 pieces of legislation since becoming a Senator, and all but five were fluff, unless you care about post offices getting renamed, or the Syracuse lacrosse team being recognized for a championship. Obama is a legislative genious, as a state senator he wrote and got passed hundreds of bills on healthcare, welfare reform, unemployment, taxes, etc. Several of his bills since being a US Senator have been made law. DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU COMMENT ON MATTERS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. I have yet to meet a Hillary supporter who can explain to me how she is adding up these 35 years of experience that make her better suited to run this country. And if I hear another Clinton fan tell me they are supporting her because of who she is married to I am going to SCREAM!! Obama was a lawyer and community activist just like she was. He helped reform some of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago by getting people off the street, and developing training programs to put them to work or get them an education so that they can be productive in this society. If your candidate is so great, push her strengths...not the other guys alleged weaknesses. OBAMA '08

at 3:54 PM, February 22, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton was so impressive in her debate last night in Texas. Hillary demonstrated that she is compassionate, focused, and inspiring. She possessed a complete command of foreign countries including Cuba, Bosnia, and Serbia. Hillary shines on health care policy--something that it important for all generations. When her opponent says that "words are important" then he should use his own words of hope and not lift them from someone else and claim them as his own. In other words, you cannot "zerox" hope. At the end of the evening, Hillary deserved the standing ovation as she gave her opponent a compliment and was proud of the American people. Vote for Hillary on March 4, 2008.

at 4:03 PM, February 22, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what strengths, chanda would you be illustrating, hmm? "Obama authored 800 pieces of legislation" that is to say, practically all at state level with well over half blocked, fillibustered, or vetoed, indicating that he didn't champion them very long. If you want to tell the whole truth, post what he has actually gotten passed into law on the National Level, instead of cutting and pasting that same, tired spiel about "800 articles." lol.. And as long as I'm laughing at you, it's fair to say "coauthored" since he didn't actually write any of what you refer to. I've said it elsewhere, but you seem especially blinded by your zeal so i'll say it slowly, just for you. I don't care who you vote for. It's your vote to spend. I do, however, care about this nation. If you think that any one person is going to rewrite Domestic Policy in this country, think again! Policy decisions in this nation are decided by the two arms of Congress.. Not by the President. The only thing a President controls alone is the military. Simply put, Senator Obama has no experience with foreign policy. (And I mean ZERO.) He has gone on record as being in favor of bombing sovereign nations. And he was born and raised a muslim (regardless of what religion he endorses now.)So, vote for who you wish. But be careful what you ask for, kid. The "change" you get might very well be the survivors of a nuclear attack living in caves. And then what will all you young passionate voters say? 'Cause "sorry" won't cut it....

at 6:03 PM, February 23, 2008 Blogger Chanda45227 said...


You are the one who should be laughed at. Here are the facts.

His first year in the U.S. Senate, he authored 152 bills and co-sponsored another 427. These inculded:

Coburn-Obama Government Transparency Act of 2006 BECAME LAW

The Lugar-Obama Nuclear Non-proliferation and Conventional Weapons Threat Reduction Act- BECAME LAW

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, passed the Senate

The 2007 Government Ethics Bill, - BECAME LAW

The Protection Against Excessive Executive Compensation Bill,
(currently in committee to BECOME LAW)

In all, since entering the U.S. Senate, Obama has written or co-authored 890 bills and co-sponsored another 1096.

So you see greeneyed, it was NOT all at the state level, and if you would do a little research, instead of spouting untruths as facts, you could find out the same information. He is a lot more thatn just a great orator and a pretty face. No one, not Clinton Obama or McCain, are going to be able to udno Bush's mess on day one. They will not be able to do it on their own. Thats why the president has a cabinet. OBAMA WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT.


at 2:14 AM, February 24, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wake up Democrats! We are missing the forest because of the trees. This is NO time in history to throw in the "government is broken" or "we need a new breed of leader".

We are EXACTLY in a period in history where we need an INSIDER to work across the aisle, be creative with policy, work the personalities of the GOP adversaries to the benefit of the nation and the ENVIRONMENT (have we forgotten about Climate Change?! Please!), to call in the A-team of elite experts to manage the economy, implement a huge domestic policy based on Green Jobs, and MEND our reputation and LEAD a new diplomatic era in American foreign relations.

Time is of the ESSENCE! Obama might be as qualified to do all these things after his first term, as Hillary is now, but do we really have 4 YEARS to give away?

We HAVE to put the smartest person on the ticket, period. I hate to make the comparison, but the last two presidential elections, America simply did not chose the smartest person, they chose the second smartest person that they trusted more. And those were mistakes. For "President", you ALWAYS chose the smartest and most experienced. It's in your best interest. Please cast your vote for Clinton.

at 10:13 AM, February 24, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chanda, you spewing hateful remarks at me won't change my opinion of Senator Obama. When I say that he authored little of the legislation you refer to, I am referencing his interview with the Chicago Sun-Times in 2005, where he said he had little to do with the actual writing of any legislation. When I say that he was born and raised to be a devout muslim, I am referencing interviews with his OWN family members by the Maui Times just before the primaries there. Not a "card" to play at all, merely a fact. When I say that he is comfortable with the idea of using Nuclear Force, I am referencing his own remarks regarding Pakistan, A Sovereign and Nuclear armed Nation. So please don't imply that I'm a liar again. The majority of the Obama supporters on here are so hateful! Before I get off-message, You also spoke of Senator Obama as being more than a "pretty face" well kiddo, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A "great orator" lol, I too, can read a teleprompter. Any weatherman can, the difference in Senator Obama and myself being that I give credit for quotes. And while we are adressing the point of his being so much "more", why don't you tell us all about it? You speak as though you have some deep, abiding relationship with the Senator, so do tell! Oh.. That's right! You read his book.. OMG LMAO! Well! If he published it then of course it's true! As I said earlier it IS your vote. Cast it as you will, but as a Free Born American, I am also entitled to my opinion and if I didn't believe the things I speak of, then I wouldn't post them here. I am happy to see that you are enthusiastic about your candidate. But the truth is you only see what you choose to. An image that has been carefully cultivated by people who make their living making people appear likeable. Senator Obama is a career politician just like everyone else. so you can stop acting as though the Messiah has arrived. To close i'llagain say (in my own words no less!) "Living in caves is "change" that I can all too easily believe in.. "I don't know what weapons will be used to fight WW3. I do know what weapons will be used to fight WW4.. Sticks and stones." Albert Einstein. Godspeed Chanda, stop hatin'

at 8:48 AM, February 25, 2008 Blogger Chanda45227 said...

Greeneyed.. You are the one spewing the venom...not me sweetie. You asked for the laws...and I gave them to you. That seemed to upset you for some reason. But Godspeed to you as well. I hope you actually go to the polls on March 4th...I already voted.

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