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Monday, January 21, 2008

Endorse me! No, endorse me!

Who wants Mark Mallory's endorsement? Howard Wilkinson has the story here


at 11:33 AM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope he endorses Obama. Hillary and Bill's behavior this past week has been less than honorable. I think Obama has a better chance to win Ohio.

at 11:37 AM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mallory! Mallory!
(a) flip-flopping on abortion
(b) emergency command center in #1 terror target
(c) faulty radios for firefighters
(d) looking bad in drag
(f) annulled marriage to second cousin
(g) married three times
(h) estranged from children
(i) "open and notorious adultery"
(j) Bernie Kerik
(k) daughter backs Obama for president


HAD ENOUGH, VOTE Hillary 2008 !

at 11:58 AM, January 21, 2008 Blogger usefullidiot said...

"(j) Bernie Kerik"


I can buy the looking bad in drag......

at 12:25 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

obama all the way!

at 12:48 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Voice of Reason said...

No good creditable choice this time round. Suggest abstaining or wait until the smoke clears and look at all of the candidates. You may find that none of them will bring success to the party only further failure. We don't need candidtes that carry personal agendas and will not represent the people of our country. We don't need a front person who will continue to mislead us as her husband did.
We need someone like you to lead us. If you endorse one of the present candidates it will only reflect on your good character.
This is a hard call but one that needs to be made.
Now we will see if you have what it takes or if you want to suck up to the machine.
Wish you well.

at 1:02 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary all the way. She has the knowledge and the work ethic to truly move the US in the right direction. I like Obama and Edwards, but Clinton has proven it throughout her life. Poor children all over Cincinnati benefit from her legislation for health care, among other things.

at 1:49 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm for Hillary over Obama-- unfortunately for the ambulance-chasing folks like Al Sharpton, President Clinton was right about the "fairy tale." If elected, Obama will be the next Jimmy Carter-- his idealism will lead the country to major problems.

If Mallory endorses Obama, I will be OK with it as long as race has nothing to do with it! I'm tired of other blacks calling blacks endorsing Hillary sell-outs or something of the like. In that case they are tho ones keeping race alive as an issue, not the Clintons!

at 2:50 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think he should support Obama because he is the best candidate. Hillary still is carrying the Bill legasy with her and things need to go in a new direction. The war is a major failure the economy is in recession and the confidence of the people is anti government. Obamas perspective of a new beginning certainly can;t make things any worse!!!

at 3:56 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama by default

who needs another clinton in the white house? I think I had enough of pres bill and pres hillary for 8 years.

Of course Obama is around my age, we need fresh blood in the white house.

at 4:14 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need more from a President than the gift of speak. Experience, and proof of performance in office, is what moves me. Obama is just another politician promising unity. Many have come before him promising the same. He lacks the ability to govern and bring Republicans to the table; what little legislation he's worked on has been far left politics. Republicans will not work with him. America needs both of the Clinton's in the White House again. Remember prosperity? Anyone who believes different are either Obama supporters or Republicans.

GO HILLARY!! Mallory is a wise man and will choose well.

at 4:14 PM, January 21, 2008 Blogger Haystacks Calhoun said...

How can anyone who supports "change" vote for a Clinton??

What exactly has Hillary done in her "35 years" that we should be awed by? That's right, nothing..

I'm a life long Republican, and Obama is the only candidate that I would/will vote for...

God help this country if Hillary wins the nomination. I would like to think that the rank and file Dems would do better that that.

at 4:58 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mallory has sat on the sidelines of most major issues since being elected - I hope he doesn't come out and endorse anyone. Is his endorsement really a good thing?

at 5:09 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous What's the difference said...

His favorite movie is the Godfather. He likes to roll with a bodyguard.
He will definitely go with the gangsta.... Wait a minute... Would that be the former street thug drug user, or the former friend of the unfortunate Vince Foster?

at 6:00 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is mallory's endorsement really worth anything? Just wondering...

at 6:41 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Mayor Mallory, he has to choose between "do nothing" Hillary and "racist church member", Obama. Be smart, mayor, and stay away from the primary.

at 7:12 PM, January 21, 2008 Blogger usefullidiot said...

Romney,whip anyone in turning a losing buisness....Just ask Jack Welch.....


at 7:13 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous wildbullcurry said...

Your damn right!!!

at 7:44 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohio is crucial & Mark is mayor of one of the biggest cities.

Other than that, I can't imagine why anyone would want his endorsement. When the going gets tough, he disappears. That's one way of never being wrong.

at 7:45 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

This "unity" baloney out of Obama isn't cutting the cake with me. Paying the larcenous gas & electric bill, & putting some decent food on the table, rather than "special price this week" scraps is what's important to me. Toss in reigning in the health insurance companies & better help for the elderly, especially in these dumps called nursing homes are the issues that matter to me.

Oh yeah, these candidates need to start explaining what they're going to do about the baby boomer retirees, not in freeloader funding, but in vast incentives & improvements within cities to keep them, their money & their votes. Ohio is crying like a big, spoiled baby over that giant issue. It isn't as if it was some big surprise that fell out of the sky overnight. Did all the bureaucrats think this blockbuster generation, the largest this country has ever seen in its history was going to die at age 30?

Mallory doesn't have the wherewithall to make a multi-faceted issue decision. He needs to sit on his hands & just shut up about it. Oh say, I thought City Council cut out all out of town junkets, trips & taxpayer funded vacations.

at 11:09 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mallory should lay low on this one. It is going to be a massive Dem victory this year and the Repugs are going to be wiped out big-time. He'll have his choice of 2 Democratic Members of Congress to go to bat for him in DC, plus Governor Strickland for the next 7 or so years. Why go on a coin-flip's chance of annoying either President Hillary Clinton or President Obama?

at 11:26 PM, January 21, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is going to be such a washout for the Repugs this year that they will think of Election Night 2006 as "the good old days."

If they lost big with $2.50/gallon gas, wait till gas is over $3 a gallon.

If they lost big when there were 3,000 Americans killed in Iraq, wait till we pass the 5,000 mark.

If they lost big when we spent $500,000,000,000 on this illegal war, wait till we hit the trillion mark.

If they lost big when the dollar was on par with the Euro, wait till they face the voters when Chimpy McHitler has plunged us into his 2nd recession and the dollar is worth less than the Canadian loonie, on its way to even-Steven with the peso. (Well, that will take care of some of the 12 million illegals BushCo let into the country to drive down working-class wages.)

If they lost big when Bob Ney and Mark Foley were the only criminal Repugs in Congress, wait till they face the voters with 8-10 more Congress criminals' mug shots on the TV commercials.

If they lost big when the housing sector of the economy was running well, wait till they face the voters with 2 million more American families in foreclosure and entire communities devastated by Repug housing/lending policies.

If they lost big when Bush and the Repugs gave corporations tax breaks for sending 2 million U.S. jobs overseas, wait till they face the voters with 5 million Americans being replaced by people too lazy to sneak in illegally.

If they lost big-time wehn the American public didn't know that Bush's Consumer Product Safety Commission was looking the other way while China poisoned American kids and pets, wait till the voters go in to the booth fully aware of how damaging and literally life-threatening Repug policies have been to them.

Bush, Cheney and the Repugs have made America hated around the world and Americans too poor to travel anyway.

Finally, if they lost big with corrupt Repugs like Ken Blackwell couting the votes, imagine how big they will lose when the votes are finally counted honestly.

The Great Myth used to hold that we had two political parties, each with their own ideas and visions for making America stronger and more prosperous. Now, there is only one political party committed to that goal.

The people currently running the Repugnicant Party would literally let each and every one of the people reading this, even their most loyal party stalwarts, die a horrible death if the alternative was that some industrialist somewhere might not make as much money as he or she had wanted to.

Thanks to the Repugs, the insurance companies can take life-saving medical treatments out of your hands.

Thanks to the Repugs, corporations can take your jobs and your health insurance with it and hire someone in another country and pay them less.

Thanks to the Repugs, corporations can kill you, your children, and your pets with unsafe and poisonous products and there is nothing you can do about it.

Thanks to the Repugs, America's senior citizens are paying twice as much for life-saving medicines as they were before.

Oh, yeah, don't forget the record budget deficits and trade deficits we are running up just so the wealthiest one percent of us can pay fewer taxes.

at 6:29 AM, January 22, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mallorys always endorse the one with the most "emoluments".
Dale's for sale, so is Mark.
They sold out to CityLink, they will sell out to the highest bidder.

at 9:12 AM, January 22, 2008 Blogger Quim said...

"Mallorys always endorse the one with the most "emoluments".
Dale's for sale, so is Mark."
Mark for Mitt ?

at 1:42 PM, January 22, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The headline on P 1 was asking who Mallory would endorse.

At the bottom of the page was a story about The Banks coming undone, again. Could The Enquirer have asked our Mayor what he thought about that? Seems he always avoids the tough questions and always avoids taking a position.

Sadly, The Enquirer seems to enjoy the charade.

at 7:59 PM, January 22, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please Mayor Zero, please endorse Hillary!
I bet she'd select for her running mate. Please!

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