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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama comes out swinging on the war

Barack Obama, still low-key, came out firm in his opposition of the war in Iraq.

"So when I bring this up, it's not to say I told you so,'' Obama said while looking at Clinton. "It's to give you an insight on how I would make decisions. The fact was this was a big strategic blunder. . . Once we had driven the bus into the ditch, there are only so many ways we could get out. The question is who was making the decision initially to drive the bus into the ditch? The fact is (Clinton) was ready to give into George Bush on day one on this critical issue," Obama said. "In fact, she facilitated and enabled this individual to make a decision that has been strategically damaging to the United States of America."

"With respect to Pakistan, I never said I would bomb Pakistan. What I said was that if we have actionable intelligence against Bin Laden or other key Al Qaida officials, and Pakistan is unwilling or unable to strike against them, we should," Obama said.


at 10:14 PM, February 26, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...


The lesson we should learn from Iraq is that some people are capable of starting a war in order to escape public humiliation. On 1/18/2002 Halliburton stock (adjusted for recent splits and dividends) was trading at $4.61 on its way to becoming worthless because of bad decisions made by Dick Cheney the former CEO. On 12/16/2003 the company filed for Chapter 11. On 1/3/2005 Halliburton resolved the bankruptcy issue by agreeing to pay about $4.5 billion in asbestos liability claims. Obviously this money came from privatization contracts made possible by the Iraq war. On 4/21/2006 Halliburton's stock closed at $41.29 - almost a thousand percent increase from the pre-bankruptcy low!

The lies we heard from the WH and still hear were the product of a desperate man doing his best to stave off total humiliation. See http://www.orderfromrandomness.com/halliburtonstockprice.html... for a graphic view of the way Cheney had to be looking at the world in 2002.

Halliburton Pays Dearly but Finally Escapes Cheney's Asbestos Mess

By Allan Sloan
Tuesday, January 11, 2005; Page E03

It's time for yet another Halliburton story -- but not the one you may be expecting. This isn't about the endlessly scrutinized Iraq contracting business of the big energy services company that Dick Cheney ran before he became vice president. And it's not about Halliburton's profit-boosting accounting change during Cheney's regime, or the scandals and problems currently affecting some of the firm's far-flung projects.

Instead, let's talk about Halliburton's well-executed $5 billion escape from its asbestos problems, most of which Cheney created when he orchestrated Halliburton's purchase of Dresser Industries in 1998. Few people connect this problem with Cheney, but they should, given that he was in charge at the time and got a raise as a result of buying Dresser.

Dresser's asbestos problem was only a potential one when Halliburton bought it, but rapidly metastasized into a threat to Halliburton's existence. By then, though, Cheney had gone off to Washington.

Had he still been Halliburton's chief executive, Wall Street might have forced him to take responsibility for the asbestos problem he imported to his company. But because he wasn't around -- and because his successor, Dave Lesar, was a stand-up guy -- Cheney has largely escaped scrutiny for this fiasco.



at 11:29 AM, February 27, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cake is a lie.

at 1:20 PM, February 27, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comment is supposed to be on O. Hussein's political stupidity, as displayed above. The "I hate Cheney" rant is inappropriate, and pretty much a given anyway with an Obama supporter. The war would have long been over with our victory were there not half of Congress giving aid and comfort to the enemy from day one. Tell you what, if your boy gets in, maybe he can put his little holy warrior costume on again and take a few literal shots at the troops as they follow his orders to withdraw. What the heck, he already stabbed them in the back. Oh, sorry, I forgot you commie types are opposed to guns, so your boy probably wouldn't do that anyway. Like the true coward he is, he would just have his terrorist freinds do it for him.

at 3:14 PM, February 27, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon wingnut 1:20 is the troll that calls himself 'useful idiot'. Idiot leads a very sad life with copious amounts of free time on his hands, and spends his days and nights posting comments on this forum under various names. All of the 'socialists', 'Hussein' and 'Terrorist" comments are his.

Idiot thinks it still 1963 and that they Commies are hiding under every rock, waiting for a chance to break into his little hovel and get their hands on his money, which he hides in his mattress.

What a sad little troll the idiot is. Please get some mental help idiot, and then get a life.

at 11:04 AM, February 28, 2008 Blogger Susie Devine said...

February 27, 2008: Senator Obama has finally, unequivocally messed up. He stated in the debate that he would not hesitate to send troops back to Iraq if he were made aware that Al Qaeda had a presence there. John McCain pointed out that in fact they are already there and that they refer to themselves as Al Qaeda of Iraq.

Senator Obama’s rebuttal was, (paraphrased) "Yes, but they have only come to be there since Bush invaded the country."

Talking point 1: Obama's response was double-talk designed to distract the listener from the fact that Obama DID NOT KNOW THAT AL QAEDA CURRENTLY HAS A PRESENCE IN IRAQ!

Talking point 2: He painted himself in a corner. If he would commit troops to deal with Al Qaeda in Iraq and Al Qaeda IS IN IRAQ, then how can be possibly fulfill his campaign promise to withdraw troops?

Talking point 3: This speaks directly to his lack of intimate experience into the nuances and intricate working of the Washington political scene as well as--and more disastrously-- global politics.

Talking point 4: This presents a perfect example of how John McCain will outperform Obama in the General Election.

at 2:44 PM, February 28, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dream on 'Susie'. Noone is going to vote for McInsane and his '100 years of war'. they guy has a bad temperment, he's a right wing wackjob, he's too old. He doesn't have any business having his finger on 'the nuclear trigger'.

A vote for McCain is a vote for a 3rd bush term; McCain has embraced everyone of bush'e polocies.

at 3:04 PM, February 28, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama is an empty suit full of empty promises.

at 3:51 PM, February 28, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama is the least qualified person to ever get the nomination.

Are the liberals in the mainstream media going to take me away to the re-education camp now?

In the words of our leader, bring it on!

at 9:46 PM, February 28, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mind blowing News!
Obama admits he neglected his senate responsibilities. Perhaps he should be swinging harder in his own back yard.

During the Feb 19th debates in Ohio Senator Obama who also serves as Chair of the subcommittee that has oversight over NATO admitted he has not held one single substantive hearing to figure out what the U.S can do to have a stronger presence with Nato in Afghanistan.

Obama admitted it was true stating it was because his responsibilities as chair began at the same time he began running for President. Calm, cool, collected and looking presidential?? While young men and women are at great risk and/ or being killed Obama’s admission proves he is not remotely ready and does not have the good judgment needed to be President of this country.

The day after Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee noted that Senator Clinton has introduced more legislation to address the problems facing wounded service members than any other Senator, including The Dignified Treatment of Wounded Warriors Act (accomplished while running her presidential race).

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