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Friday, February 08, 2008

Hamilton County GOP: McCain? Sure. Why not?

Not all of the 700 or so Hamilton County Republicans who gathered in the East Plaza of Paul Brown Stadium Friday night for the party’s annual Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner are thrilled with the prospect of John McCain as their presidential nominee.

But the overwhelming consensus seemd to be that they will do their duty and vote for him this fall, and encourage fellow Republicans to do likewise.

The alternative, they say, is wandering in the wilderness for the next four or eight years with a Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the White House and a fortified Democratic majority in Congress.

“What else can we do?,’’ said Bob Saul of Montgomery, who backed Mitt Romney for the nomination. “It’s not easy for a lot of Republicans, but what’s the alternative?”

Saul, at least, has a natural affinity for McCain because they both served in the U.S. Navy, as did Saul’s friend, Bob Economou of Kenwood, who has contributed to only one GOP presidential candidate this year – McCain.

“My question for my Republican friends who cn’t stomach McCain is, fine you can live with Obama or Hillary for the next four years,’’ Economou said.

Mary Anne Christie of Madeira, another Romney supporter, is alright with McCain, as long as he doesn’t choose Mike Huckabee as his running mate, whom she sees as to far to the right.
“McCain’s 71 years old,’’ Christie said. “What if he dies in office and sticks us with Huckabee? I can’t imagine it.”

Some area Republicans, like U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot, have stayed neutral all along. Chabot said he’ll continue to be neutral as long as there are other candidates in the race, but said as soon as the field is clear and McCain is the only one left standing, he will back him.

“I would have no problem supporting John McCain,’’ Chabot said. “When the fight is over, we have to get around our candidate.”

The crowd at Friday night's Lincoln-Reagan dinner consisted, for the most part, of party regulars - elected officials, ward chairs, precinct executives, and other who keep the wheels of the Hamilton County Republican Party organization running.

It was dominated by Republicans who, if they had been backing any candidate all, were for Romney.

Most of them were of the school of politics described by State Sen. Bob Schuler, R-Sycamore Township, a Romney supporter who says he will have no problem getting behind McCain.

"This is the way politics works,'' Schuler said. "You go out and work like hell for your guy. And, if you lose, you pick up and come together for the guy who won. And McCain's won."

The idea of the Republican base staying home and not supporting McCain is frightening, Schuler said, because it would ensure the election of a Democrat.

"Look at Obama,'' Schuler said. "Only three years ago, he had the same job I have - state senator. How could he possibly be ready to be president?"

Blue Ash Councilman Rick Bryan supported Fred Thompson.

"I tell my friends who aren't happy with McCain the same thing,' Bryan said. "The quickest way to put a Democrat in the White House is to sit around and pout because your guy didn't get the nomination. Time to grow up."


at 11:28 PM, February 08, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will not be the first time I have to make a tough choice between lousy candidates.
But I'll do it.

at 12:28 AM, February 09, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I guess we know what perennial loser Mike Harlow has been up to the past couple months.

The article describes how utterly inept the Rmoney campaign was.

Go figure.


at 10:44 AM, February 09, 2008 Anonymous LastLivingLiberalinBooneCounty said...

I'm truly enjoying watching the Republican party disintegrate this year over McCain's refusal to kowtow to the evangelical nutcase wing of their party. Rove's decision in 2000 to pander to them is now coming back to bite them in the you-know-what. The sound of Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh growing more hysterical and panicky by the day is icing on the cake!

at 12:15 PM, February 09, 2008 Blogger Quim said...

Seems like the only Republican generating any excitement is Ron Paul.

at 12:49 PM, February 09, 2008 Blogger usefullidiot said...


Why is it that air America was a total flop?

at 12:52 PM, February 09, 2008 Anonymous john mccain said...

who is ron paul?

at 5:52 PM, February 09, 2008 Blogger David Ben-Ariel said...

A long-standing member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), John McCain will pursue the goals and ambitions of the globalists with a vengeance. As Pat Buchanan said recently, "John McCain will make Dick Cheney look like Gandhi." Buchanan is right on with that prediction.

McCain Madness

at 10:17 PM, February 09, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

John McCain should ask Rudy G. to be his running mate. Now, this would be one heck of an interesting combo.

at 11:05 PM, February 09, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 12:28,

You mean the same Mike Harlow who's wife was a Thompson delegate? You want us to believe he was running Romney's campaign?

Grow up, Scotty. Grow up.

at 11:50 PM, February 09, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Air America was bad radio, boring and predictable - never entertaining. No one wanted to listen to that negative and unhappy stuff except the Kool- Aid drinkers. Same reason O'Reilly has as many as FOUR TIMES the nightly audience of Olbermeister.

at 11:54 PM, February 09, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check this out, folks. It's time for Republicans to close ranks and support the ticket. We do not want the pro-abortion, gun-grabbing, cut and run socialists in the White House.

Fred Thompson Backs McCain
By Michael D. Shear
Fred Thompson, the one-time Republican presidential candidate, endorsed Sen. John McCain Friday, calling on the party to "close ranks" behind the presumed nominee. "This is no longer about past preferences or differences. It is about what is best for our country and for me that means that Republican should close ranks behind John McCain," Thompson said in a statement reported by the Associated Press. Thompson's endorsement was expected. The two men were colleagues for years in the Senate and shared what associates called a friendship. But while he was in the race, Thompson had bristled at the idea that he was going to drop out and endorse McCain. The endorsement now may help McCain to coalesce the factions of the party around him. Thompson, who represented Tennessee in the Senate for eight years, is thought of well in the South, an area that McCain has not done well in.

at 12:08 AM, February 10, 2008 Anonymous FredHead said...

I am voting for Fred Thompson on March 4 anyway. Go Fred!

at 8:34 AM, February 10, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Lastlivingliberallinboonecounty:

And when President Hillary Clinton announces her intention for a one-time tax on the value of all private pension monies to include YOUR 401k/IRA, state - federal - or corporte pension fund - will you rejoice?

Of course, this will be AFTER she allows the Bush Tax Cuts to expire, and has added a tax increase to boot.

DO YOU RECALL, LAST LIVING LIB: President Bill Clinton explored ways to tap into the private pension mones for a one time windfall of up to $1 trillion for the U.S.. Treasury. Do you recall Secty of Labor Reich traveling around the U.S. promoting the concept of ETIs (Economically Targeted Investments) and a one time 15% tax on all pension funds.

Do a google search:

Clinton Pension Grab,
Economically Targeted Investments-Reich.

If I had 15% of my nestegg confiscated by the government I would expect a parade in my honor that would include:

10 marching bands
35 fire trucks
20 floats
10 Shriners units
and a bronze statue erected in my honor.

at 9:25 AM, February 10, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Help out a new Ohio resident here. I'm registered to vote, but can I vote in either the Democrat or Republican primary?

at 10:01 AM, February 10, 2008 Blogger Carl Weiser said...

New resident (anon 9:25 a.m.)

Yes, you can show up on March 4 and vote in whichever primary you want. (Or vote by absentee now.)

at 11:47 AM, February 10, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give the conservatives time (through the actual primaries at least) to get the grousing out of their system. In the end -- we will coalesce behind the Republican candidate. The alternative is unthinkable!

at 11:55 AM, February 10, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Fredhead, I'm also going to vote for Thompson in the 3/4 Ohio primary, despite my call (above at 11:54, 2/9) for GOP party unity in November. I didn't specify the general, and I should have.

Anonymous at 8:34, 2/10, you uncovered something I didn't know about, and I thank you. I googled "Economically Targeted Investments" and "Clinton pension grab" and was shocked at what I dicovered. I will use this over and over again after Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife wins the nomination of the Jackass Party. Thanks!

at 2:03 PM, February 10, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like Mary Ann Christie epitomizes what is wrong with today's Republican party; they have lost their conservative bearings.

Tell us Ms. Christie, how is Huckabee too far to the right? The last time I checked his only conservative credentials were in the social arena. In other words, he firmly supports items that are contained in the GOP platform (pro-life, pro-gun, pro family values). His weaknesses are fiscal. As governor he spent money like a drunken democrat.

at 3:33 PM, February 10, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The winguts are out in force today, with their Reich-wing delusions in tow. Why is it that the economy has almost always performs better with Democrats in the White House than when republicans are in office?




Our current President, who is overwhelmingly disliked by the vast majority of Americans, has presided over a poor economy, which has only been profitable for the top income earners, has now lead us straight into a recession. You're doing a heck of a job, W.

McCain is the candidate that your are stuck with, and McCain means a 3rd Bush administration, he's no maverick anymore. He's courting the wingnut voters now, and Bush has endorsed him today-that's the kiss of death for McCain. There is no way that the American people will elect another Bushie.

You wingnuts are in for a miserable 8 years under President Clinton or Obama. Say goodbye to your 15% CAPITAL GAINS TAX WINGNUTS!!!

at 6:58 PM, February 10, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope and change beat fear and anger every time. judt ask Governor Blackwell. The Repug-nazis are going down when the votes are finally counted honestly. the super-rich, super-self-righteous, and super war-loving were never a majority and are even less of one now.

at 9:07 PM, February 10, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...


We hear the wRong wingnut 'bush-whacko' goes to McMason to get his McCain !

Something about things go better with 'coke' !

With the glassy eyes, tilt-back head and runny dope-nose it is no wonder the war on drugs has taken the back-seat to the war for oil !

PATHETIC 'family values' !


at 11:29 PM, February 10, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

NOTE DEMOCRAT 2008 !---seems like the foot-tapping Bold Typist might be on a little bit of coke.

at 10:15 AM, February 11, 2008 Blogger usefullidiot said...

Say goodbye to your 15% CAPITAL GAINS TAX WINGNUTS!!!

Yes...and all public employees can say goodby to their Exxon-Mobil fired pension funds and 401k,s...


at 1:37 PM, February 11, 2008 Anonymous fall-well said...

" Anonymous said...seems...the foot-tapping...might be...a little bit...11:29 PM, February 10, 2008"

Looks like the use-less ****ing idiot of the NAZI party (tnp) continues to 'dick cheaney' hunt while foot-tapping through the Mt. Airy forest seeking logs for that little cabin of his !

We think the crusaders are called log-cabin wRong wingnut whackos ?

lol, loL, LOL !

PATHETIC "family values' !


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