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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chabot goes Democrat - on one issue

Congressional Democrats, pushing controversial legislation to help struggling homeowners escape foreclosure, have an unlikely ally in their fight against conservative and industry opposition: Republican Rep. Steve Chabot of Ohio.

In his 13 years in the House, Chabot has earned a 97.5 percent lifetime rating from The American Conservative Union and has largely stuck to the Republican ranks, except to oppose some pork-laden spending bills.

But when foreclosures in his hometown of Cincinnati skyrocketed, Chabot found himself aligned with Democrats — and against his party’s leaders, his conservative colleagues and the White House.

The Politico's full story is here


at 11:14 AM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...


Desperation politics as the comb-over, chabot-head faces reality regarding imminent defeat as Driehaus becomes the next congressman in OH-01 !

PATHETIC 'Pandering flip-flopper'


at 12:05 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous bengal12 said...

Driehaus' last quote is pathetic. What has he done other than "to serve on the Democrat Governor's foreclosure taskforce"? What did this task force produce? Where are the state laws helping families in foreclosure? What is the state of Ohio (let's not forget that lending standards are set by the state) doing to help? The fact is that state laws were either inneffective or non-existent. So now this mess has to be cleaned up by someone else.

at 12:07 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for Chabot for taking the lead to help Cincinnati homeowners and neighborhoods.

at 12:13 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to Chabot for standing up to the lending industry lobbyists in Congress. You'll have my vote again. Hope you buy a new car though.

at 12:20 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well... Chabot's clearly not a flip-flopper, especially relative to other politicians... that's kind of the point of this article.

Nonetheless, I'm not sure what to think. While I disagree with his stance on this issue, I applaud his willingness to go against the party.

at 12:34 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always admired Steve Chabot for his willingness to do what he felt was right even if it wasn't popular.

at 12:39 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabot is actually breaking with his party to get something done. What is Driehaus doing to combat the foreclosure issue? Come to think of it, what has Driehaus EVER done to get ANYTHING done in his 8 years in Columbus for that matter?

at 12:52 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabot sympathizing with the average joe? Bull. He couldn't care less, it's just a game for him to trick Greater Cincinnati residents into thinking he sees the plight he put them in in the first place by forwarding big corporate welfare at the expense of society well being.

A vote for Chabot is a vote against your own family.

at 12:53 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love how a national publication covers our local congressman more in depth than his hometown paper.

When was the last time the Enquirer dedicated more than 1250 words to anything, nevermind one of our political leaders?

at 2:40 PM, February 19, 2008 Blogger usefullidiot said...

I would be more enthusiastic If Chabot would champion a bill to save Americans from IRS foreclosures than from foreclosers due to Pollyanna economics on the part of nit-wit home buyers.
I still will vote for him.

at 3:58 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabot sees the handwriting on the wall. Ohio is top in the nation in foreclosures, so he quickly flip-flopped to cover his fanny. PATHETIC!

at 5:53 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabot is a joke. I look forward to seeing Steve Driehaus defeat him in November!

at 5:57 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabot also acted "Democrat" when he was the force behind the Freedom Center. We are still waiting for explanation on that.

at 11:24 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Chabot is a joke, because he "acts like a democrat" on one issue (to help people save their homes). What does that make someone who acts like a democrat on every issue?

at 11:38 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can anybody name just one legislative accomplishment Driehaus has had in his seven years as state rep? Just one?

at 11:48 PM, February 19, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:53: you make a very detailed, persuasive argument. A seven term member of Congress is a joke...somehow. And you provide a link to Driehaus' website. Mr. Driehaus, is that you blogging yourself at this time of night? Sounds dirty.

at 8:09 AM, February 20, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I people actually listened to Chabot's ideas and not just the "moveon.org" commentary on a district they know nothing about. The truth is Steve Chabot is the average Joe and has a strong willingness to pass good laws. He has the best record in Congress on tax relief and fights wasteful spending at every turn. I'm glad we have Chabot as our Rep., without him we would be far behind in this district.

at 11:19 AM, February 20, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one house I hope that is foreclosed on is Driehaus.

at 12:28 PM, February 22, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever notice how you never hear anything from Chabot until election year.........that's what six terms will do to you! FYI there is a blog now covering this race


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