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Friday, January 25, 2008

Mallory beats Deters...

In Cincy magazine's latest "Power 100."

Excerpts: "Through all the factors considered in deciding The Power 100, one key question determined how much weight we placed towards each individual. If this person made a personal call to you and requested a favor, how willing would you be to act?"

1. Robert Castellini, Chairman, Castellini Co. This savvy, determined businessman got The Banks moving, took over as chair of the Cincinnati Business Committee and whipped out the checkbook for Reds relief pitching.

6. Mark Mallory, Mayor, City of Cincinnati. He has performed better than his critics presumed, both behind the scenes and as a cheerleader for the entire region.

15. John Boehner, Congressman. As West Chester’s answer to Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader is arguably the most powerful Republican in the land, outside of the White House. The 2008 elections will say much about where he goes from there.

19. Joe Deters, Hamilton County Prosecutor. No huge victories, no major setbacks. Hamilton County’s strongest Republican is well-positioned to move up the political ladder.

Most Likely to Generate National Media Attention:
Butler County Sheriff, Richard Jones. Immigration will be a hot-button issue in the 2008 national elections, and you can bet Jones will be pushing that button like a Playstation 3. His position? The sign in the sheriff's parking lot is a hint.

Biggest Comeback: Roxanne Qualls. She was mayor when the position was mostly ceremonial. Now back on City Council, insiders say she wants a turn as a mayor that now has some real power. Mark Mallory is watching her every move.

Political Star Rising: Minority whip in the Ohio House of Representatives in 2000, Steven L. Driehaus is making impressions as a smart, personable politico with a future. He’s a fiscally conservative Democrat from the heart of western Cincy (Elder High School, class of 1984). Some day we may see a showdown between Driehaus and another powerful state rep from the west side, Republican Majority Whip Bill Seitz — maybe for Steve Chabot’s seat in Congress.

Read more here


at 11:33 AM, January 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill Seitz has been in the Ohio Senate as a rookie senator for 4 months, and he could never run for office like that. Is this the best reporting Cincy Business can do?

at 11:50 AM, January 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mallory has performed better? Has he done anything but perform?

at 11:56 AM, January 25, 2008 Anonymous No Fan of Mallory said...

The only thing Mallory has performed is standing side-by-side next to his bodyguard Scotty Johnson.

He is a horrible Mayor-what-to-be! This is being polite to him! RID OF MALLORY!!!!!

at 12:22 PM, January 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

No kidding Roxanne wants to be Mayor again- more taxpayer funding for her egghead friends' unending studies.

at 12:47 PM, January 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...He is a horrible Mayor-what-to-be! This is being polite to him! RID OF MALLORY!!!!!"

Does what = want ?

Looks like the third-grade school drop-out, use-less ****ing idiot, of the NAZI party (tnp) is attempting to spew her elephant dung propaganda again !

She must wRite for the 'whistle-blower' !

PATHETIC 'family values' !


at 1:24 PM, January 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 2:17 PM, January 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mallory's Chance the gardener of 'Being there"
He "likes to watch" his DVD collection while pretending to work at City Hall.
Then he goes home to mommie in Mount Airy to play with his toy cars.
He's a freaking moron.

at 8:40 PM, January 25, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can anyone in their right mind defend Mayor Zero??
Makes all the Mallory's suspect - yeah, you're black and don't say anything stupid - is that all there is?

Even in these crazy blogs, no one defends him except Silly Enough.

at 11:50 AM, January 26, 2008 Anonymous pavelish said...

Many voters don't realize the the Mayor's job is ceremonial in many ways, and that leads some to think that Mayor Mallory is absent (of ideas). And some politically disagree with the Mayor and THAT leads some to believe that the Mayor is absent. I disagree with the Mayor on his trips abroad to seek investors to the City. I believe that OUR region has plenty of investment and investors, BUT, investors stay away from the City (because of anti business policies). This lack of investment hurts Cincinnati at all levels. This out of touch, anti business attitude is the fault of City Council and NOT the Mayor. Look at N.Ky. and Butler County, and Warren County and you will see investors, investment, and ecomomic growth. This too could be Cincinnati...
I like our (and your} Mayor. Mayor Mallory is a good man and deserves our respect.

at 10:46 PM, January 26, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Pavelish, I know you are angling for Cinti Council but to blame development on Council is a huge stretch - they don't actually do anything.
Why are you sucking up to Mayor Zero?

at 11:32 AM, January 27, 2008 Anonymous pavelish said...

Anonymous 10:46 You are correct on two facts. (1) Council does little (surprisingly the voters want this), (2) I am considering running in '09. What angers me is the "anonymous" hatred that I see thrown at Mark Mallory, Tom Brinkman, Leslie Ghiz, Tim Burke, George Bush, Bill Clinton, etc., and any and every name that pops up in the Enquirer. Fine, disagree with the political views and ideas, but some comments get way out of control. We have lost respect of City, Country, and neighbors. We have forgotten how good our lives are in Cincinnati and the USA. And anonymous 10:46, I do like the Mayor (and I do have MAJOR disagreements with City Hall), but my "sucking up" is to the idea of RESPECT. Please join me...

at 12:31 PM, January 27, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Pavelish. We do need to settle down, be happy with life, and show more respect

at 8:53 PM, January 27, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cincinnati Magazine is being politically correct.

What has Mallory done? One thing? Anything? Something? Please?

at 10:30 PM, January 27, 2008 Anonymous Dan Phenicie said...

Has anyone noticed that everytime Mayor Mallory's name comes up on this blog there is a flood of anti-Mallory comments? Furthermore, the anti-Mallory comments all sound the same. They follow a simple formula: Mayor zero + bodyguard = we hate the Mayor.

These comments have the same tone and the same language. The words change, but any idiot with a thesaurus can change words to make the same point.

I'm going to use my powers of deduction to say that these comments are being left by the same person.

The Mayor is doing a fantastic job and it drives you nuts. We get it.
If you can't add something new or substantive to the discourse, don't add anything at all.

You don't like him? Fine, but please do more than call him names.

And while you're at it, grow a pair and stop posting anonymously.

at 11:40 PM, January 27, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all the crooks in the Repugnicant Party, the GOP could be classified as a street gang under a law that they rammed through and Taft signed into law. Taft himself could be considered a gang member under it!

From a recent Columbus Dispatch (AKA right-wing rag, just like our local Fishwrap) article:

"Ohio law classifies a gang as three or more people engaged in criminal activity who have a common name or use an identifying sign, symbol or color. Participating in a gang is a second-degree felony."

We don't even need a Democratic president to jail the Repugs as a corrupt organization under RICO, which is Federal law. Governor Strickland and AG Marc Danncould do it tonight.

Bob Bennett could be frog-marched out of his plush office tomorrow.

at 3:36 PM, January 28, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the defense of Mayor Zero.

Still not one accomplishment.

at 7:10 PM, February 06, 2008 Anonymous CincyEditor said...

We appreciate all the comments about our Power 100 feature in the February issue of Cincy. People are invited to respond to us directly: letters@cincymagazine.com
Joe Wessels column about Mallory in the Feb 06-12 issue of CityBeat may interest you.

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