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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The money race

Dueling press releases on fundraising from Ted Strickland and Ken Blackwell.

Read 'em yourselves:

Strickland Raises $2.5 Million in June and July

Raises $8.8 Million in Fifteen Months; Reports $5.1 Million Total Funds Available

Columbus, Ohio - The Strickland for Governor campaign today announced it has raised more than $8.8 million since entering the race in May 2005 and reported $5.1 million total funds available as of the end of July's filing deadline.

At a daily average contribution rate of nearly $50,000 for the period, Strickland raised $2.5 million in June and July.

The campaign established its initial record-breaking pace when it went from zero to $1 million in the bank during the first 80 days of Strickland's candidacy.

"I am truly humbled by the support I've received from every corner of this great state," Strickland said. "Ohioans are ready for change in Columbus, and together we're going to turnaround Ohio."

The campaign has received contributions from a total of 14,304 contributors.Strickland continued to garner broad support from across the state, and has now received contributions from all 88 of Ohio's counties. The counties with the largest amount of contributions during the latest period were Franklin County at more than $840,000 and Cuyahoga County at more than $540,000.

BLACKWELL SETS RECORD, RAISES OVER $2 MILLION IN JUNE & JULYPresidential Fundraiser Yields a Record $1.5 Million

COLUMBUS - Gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell today shattered campaign fundraising records by reporting more than two million dollars raised in June and July.

Blackwell raised $415,111 in June and $1.6 million in July and reported $3.3 million in total funds available.

"Ohioans are responding to Ken Blackwell’s bold vision and proven leadership," said Blackwell campaign chair Lara Mastin. "Ken Blackwell's anti-tax, job-creating message is inspiring Ohioans and they have responded with overwhelming support."

Blackwell also set an open seat fundraising event record of $1.5 million raised yesterday in Cleveland with President Bush. The previous record of $690,000 was held by Gov. Bob Taft for a May 1998 Cincinnati event. Contributions from the Cleveland event received after July 31 will be reported in the August campaign finance filing.

The event was the most successful Northeast Ohio fundraiser to date for a state candidate.
Blackwell praised Cleveland business leaders and event hosts Ed Crawford and Mal Mixon. “The Cuyahoga County Republican Party has been reborn through the hard work and leadership of Ed Crawford and Mal Mixon,” said Blackwell.

During the reporting period, Blackwell received a total of 3,979 contributions from 3,881 individuals.


at 5:39 PM, August 03, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strickland has four times the number of donors !!

Looks like:


buchwheat bushwell 36 %

other 8 %

Look out hamilton county court house !!

The phony, crony, wRong wingnuts are on their way OUT !!

at 5:43 PM, August 03, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's the question that the wRong-wing extremists who control the Republican Congress will put before the Senate:

"Over seven million Americans can have a raise of $2.15 an hour by raising the minimum wage, but only if we give a tax cut to 7,500 ultra-rich people at a cost of $753 billion dollars."

It's despicable, it's wrong, and we need to stop it.

Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist has said that this will be the only vote he will allow on a minimum wage increase this year.

Enough is enough. Contact your Senators and tell them to reject this shameful bill by signing this petition:

Sign the Petition !!

at 6:15 PM, August 03, 2006 Blogger Cincy911Truth said...

We have a man who is in charge of elections for the state of Ohio and he also is running for governor of Ohio at the same time. Doesn't anyone else see a problem here?

at 12:25 AM, August 05, 2006 Anonymous fact checker said...

How does Blackwell "set a record"
when Strickland clearly raised more money in June and July. Quit reprinting Ken's fiction.

at 11:14 AM, August 07, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stricklnd seems to be the clear winner...Blackwell can't get out of his own way. I did hear some funny news...Luken playing Blackwell in debates with Strickland??? Precious.

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